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December 09th, 2022
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While watching a great basketball game at Seward County Community College last week, I was able to visit with some of the people that taught when I was a student there.

Our conversation reminded me of how important it is to receive a quality education, and how important it is to truly understand the politics that have been injected on to college campuses that have twisted the educational process and the campus experience.

One instructor reminded me that college campuses used to be where ideas and values were challenged from all sides, and that robust openness and debate allowed all views to be explored and considered.

That’s not the case across America today. Only certain views are allowed to be expressed or discussed. Those are the views that tend to lean to the liberal side.

Conservative views are limited and painted as racist, xenophobic, even mysogynistic without discussions as to why these accusations have been made or even if they have any validity at all.

Much like discussions about what affects the weather, only one side believes their argument has merit and that any others are not worthy of discussion.

What’s worse, these other views are not allowed to be shared, a clear violation of the freedom of speech.

Several recent court cases have sided with college conservative organizations, and the recent settlement by the University of California Berkeley shows that policies have to be amended that have made it difficult for conservative speakers to be allowed on campus.

Still, the Berkeley administration tried to claim the settlement as a victory since they did not have to admit wrongdoing, but they had to pay $70,000 in legal fees for the conservative group making the claim, and they had to amend their biased policies.

This is typical of those who try to control society by limiting discussions, and it is the first move toward state control.

The effort to redefine our language and commonly accepted educational practices also is an attempt to manipulate the educational process into a propaganda tool.

The clearest example has been the attempt to redefine the political spectrum.

This is a very simple concept — the two forces at common odds in a society are freedom and order. To have more of one, you have to sacrifice some of the other.

An easy example of this is a stop sign. If we had complete freedom at all intersections, there would be no stop signs, and we could speed through how we pleased.

But that creates a danger, and so we give up that freedom to install a stop sign, where we slow down and yield the right of way, creating order at the intersection. To have order, safety and security at the intersection, we sacrifice a little freedom.

If we had complete freedom, which is the far right of the spectrum, we would have anarchy with no rules whatsoever.

If we hade complete order, the far left of the political spectrum, we would have dictatorial tyranny with the government dictating our every move with no individual freedom whatsoever.

Our political parties tended to rest in the middle of this teeter totter, with Democrats leaning to the left, wanting a little more order over freedom, and Republicans leaning a little to the right, favoring a little more freedom over order.

But that didn’t sit well with liberals, so they redefined the political spectrum, claiming that the right side of the spectrum is chasing fascism while the left side is chasing communism.

And since it was printed in a textbook, it must be true.

It’s absolutely false, it’s a perversion of education, and it hides the real truth of the political spectrum of freedom vs. order, which is an easy concept for anyone to understand.

But conservatives aren’t allowed to challenge this new twisted political spectrum concept because they are clearly seeking fascism, according to today’s liberals.

By the way, the person who taught me the true political spectrum was a liberal — Mr. Lee Courtney, because in the early 1990s, there was still truth in education.

As a parent, I have already had to visit local schools questioning textbook material and countering the claim in middle school when my daughter brought home the lesson, “Lies in the Preamble of the Constitution.”

When our children don’t understand freedom, they won’t know how to defend it.

In the colonial days of America, there was an Enlightenment, a time when humanity realized that their destiny was not bound to kings and governments but to self determination, self government and individual freedom. Books were written about these concepts, and our founding fathers put them into practice.

But now we are told our founders were racist bigots, forgetting that they established a nation that has allowed freedom to blossom more than any other place on the planet, and socially accepted principles of their time were allowed to change and extend freedom to others, including women and minorities. Without the foundation they laid, these would not have been possible.

Taking pride in America is not a move toward fascism but a recognition of our freedoms, and a commitment to making sure that no one can take them away — they are, after all, inalienable rights.

I was reminded by these lifelong educators how we have lost the ability to properly educate the newest generation because of the threat of lawsuits, because parents cannot let their college-aged students represent themselves and continue to dictate to the college professors, and because we no longer see college campuses as open forums for discussion but for the unilateral distribution of liberalism.

Freedom won’t be lost to the Russians or the Chinese. If we are to lose our freedom, it is being lost from the brainwashing from within.

GUEST COLUMN, Ganon Evans, Kansas Policy Institute


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