Good Luck

August 15th, 2022
L&T Opinions Page

tony whisenantLETTER TO THE EDITOR, Tony Whisenant, Liberal


 I read the response of the County Clerk to my comments on paper ballots, and I've done some more research and learned a few more things. 

One, some entire states still require paper ballots, and they have not gone broke because of this. Two, new technology is keeping paper ballots cost effective. They now have programmed "Ballot On Demand Printers," that can literally print out the ballot for the voter according to ward and precinct when the voter checks in at the polling place. The voter can then go to a nice private voting booth, vote their conscience, then put their paper ballot trough a tabulator ($ optional $), after which the ballot drops into a box so the vote can be audited and verified through a hand count as well. One needs to remember, how the voters feel about the integrity of their voting process, is as important as the vote itself.