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December 09th, 2022
L&T Opinions Page

I have written many times throughout the years that group-think is a real threat to the Constitution and individual rights and


liberty in this country.
That holds true, still.
I am a 67-year-old retired writer, having not worked for any newspaper for nearly two-and-a-half years, and the “Opinion Page” is offered by every legitimate newspaper in America.
I often encouraged people during my 17 years as a journalist and editor to use the “Op-Ed Page” because it is the people’s page, a place where they can “Opine” – I’ll repeat that slowly – “Opine” — about any topic they are concerned about.
For group-thinkers to threaten to shut down newspapers for publishing “opinions” they don’t like is truly anti-Constitutional and un-American, in “my opinion.” It’s not only ugly but totally intolerant of free speech.
I have no respect for people who think they can take away the citizens’ right to free speech.
I also find it ludicrous to infer I hate any group of people, including gays – which was not stated or inferred anywhere in my column.
Real “haters” will read whatever they want into a column they believe exposes not the person but the behavior. They imagine things that are not there.
My “opinion column” expressed my disgust with the major media, Hollywood, TV and cable producers promoting propaganda – yes propaganda – which presents the LGBT lifestyle as the preferred choice with much higher numbers than truly reflecting the population.
That’s propaganda, pure and simple. Fact is, most estimates are that 4 percent of Americans identify as belonging to the LGBT community. That’s around 13 million people out of 325 million.
There are only a little more than 18 million people in the U.S. population that identify as Asian. Does that make Asians the majority?
I have never hated gays. In my 34-year career in the U.S. and International oil business, I have traveled and lived in foreign countries – and met, worked with, had personal and family acquaintances and social interrelationships with more gays than probably most of the haters in that fringe group have ever personally met.
Ironically, those group-thinkers don’t realize that most of them would be attacked, brutalized, murdered and mutilated in most of the countries of the world.
Fortunately for them, they live in the United States, and Americans are the most tolerant people on Earth. Period.
But U.S. history has proven again and again, when militants, radicals and group thinkers try to force Americans how to think, how to act, what to do, how to feel – Americans rise up and reject them.
Look at what Americans did in the last national election.
If you notice in last week’s postings on my “Opinion Column,” there were several who didn’t even know it was an “Op-Ed” piece. They called it a news story. Zounderkites is all I can think of.
The critiques reminded me of the old game of gossip that children play – it goes in the ear of one kid and then relayed to the next, then to the next and the next.
It appeared that this group of keyboard warriors, of which many have responded negatively about other issues I have addressed,  chose this to be their “outrage du jour.” They went so far as to claim I linked gays to bestiality. This absolutely proves “An idle mind is the Devil’s playground.”
What I pointed out was it made no difference to me (or to millions of Americans) what people do in their own castles – even if they fall in love with their horse. Americans care about how others treat them, not what others do in their own bedrooms.
We don’t care.
But we do care when Hollywood and TV producers – and especially radical, militant fringe groups – tell us we better “believe, accept and approve their agendas … or else.” Then there’s going to be a problem.
The central theme of the critiques is that free speech “is no longer” tolerated in any way by this group. Don’t you find it hypocritical that those screaming for tolerance are so intolerant? After all, I never said they didn’t have the right to be gay. I only pointed out that Hollywood was going way overboard in portraying the impact of 4 percent of the population as if it were much, much higher.
And then there’s the name calling, and I accept their free speech to do so, even if some have a limited vocabulary. But I ask, do any of those cursing me believe for one moment they can bully me? Do they think they will scare Christians from believing the Bible?
There’s another problem, I believe, when gays and their supporters say they are true Christians, and they know the Bible.
I can post verse after verse after verse from both Old and New Testaments that would fill this page showing the LGBT lifestyle contradicts Biblical teachings.
Is it being a Christian to say, “I only believe in seven of the Commandments, because I think it’s OK to sleep with the neighbor’s wife, to shoplift at Walmart and to bear false witness against those whose opinions I don’t like?”
It reminds me of people who say they support the Constitution but only believe in the 3rd, 6th, 7th and 10th Amendments in the Bill of Rights.
Sorry, I don’t believe it works that way. And that’s my opinion. Again, that doesn’t mean they can’t live the way they choose. They have that right. But churches in Liberal need to have serious discussions, because it appears some church attendees may not understand that they might be leading people on a path from glory, or at least that is what the Bible tells me. While I may love the people, I cannot in good conscious love any behavior that would separate someone from experiencing the glory of Heaven. That transgression falls on me and any Christian who would love someone to Hell.
I have heard for decades that the cause of the left was “equality” and “tolerance,” but does it go both ways? If I am offering tolerance of your lifetstyle, are you offering tolerance of mine?
There was one great comment from a legitimate LGBT group-thinker: “Change the channel,” if I don’t like the gay TV shows.
I do. Constantly.
To me, this constant push on television is aimed at spiritually confused or sexually confused adults and/or teens and even children.
That’s my opinion, just like it’s my opinion that most TV series and Hollywood movies glorify murder, adultery, drugs and all kinds of behavioral problems daily, if not hourly.
It’s not just gay behavior here, though that’s what I was pointing out in my column, and it was never intended to be perceived to be aimed at individuals or a group of people but at a specific type of behavior. The progressive agenda – in my opinion – is being pushed down Americans’ throats, and that includes the gay agenda.
I am open to listen and to be challenged.
It is my hope that gays can recognize my right to disagree as much as I can recognize their right to live their lifestyle.
I don’t want gays to fear Christians who believe in these Biblical teachings. Likewise, Christians shouldn’t fear standing up for their rights just as strongly as the gays are standing for theirs. I am saying there is room for both, and our entertainment outlets should properly reflect that.

GUEST COLUMN, Ganon Evans, Kansas Policy Institute


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