December 10th, 2023
L&T Opinions Page


From tax cuts to regulatory rollbacks, President Trump has stood up for small businesses throughout his presidency.
Not only did the Trump administration eliminate more job-killing regulations in his first year than any previous administration, but the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has helped job creators reward employees and expand operations. Because of tax cuts, more than 415 U.S. employers have announced wage hikes, 401(k) increases, utility rate cuts, and bonuses—benefiting over four million working Americans. I’m one of them, using my tax savings to hire more workers and buy new equipment.
As President Trump and congressional Republicans negotiate import tariffs, they should continue to keep small businesses in mind. High tariffs on aluminum and steel increase costs for small businesses like mine, reducing purchasing capacity and making it difficult to stay afloat. These cost increases are eventually passed on to job-seekers, who see fewer career opportunities, and consumers, who see higher prices.
Lawmakers should stick to free-market policies and keep helping job creators help others.

Carlos Ruiz
Owner, HT Metals
Tuscon, Ariz.