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February 04th, 2023
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First let us define some terms.
A fully automatic weapon will keep cycling and firing as long as the trigger is depressed.  So with one trigger 'pull' you can fire one round or the whole magazine.  The gun will quit either when you release the trigger or the magazine is empty.
A semi automatic weapon will fire once with a single depression of the trigger.  The gun will eject the empty casing and chamber a new round.  To fire the next round you must release the trigger and depress it again.  One 'pull' of the trigger equals one round.  Only.
A bump stock does NOT convert your semiautomatic weapon into a fully automatic weapon.  A bump stock allows you to depress the trigger and release it more rapidly because now the gun moves and provides part of the motion to depress and release the trigger.  This serves to increase your rate of fire but you still have a semiautomatic weapon.  You only get one round fired for each 'pull' of the trigger.
If we are going to discuss them, let's do it intelligently and not accuse them of something they are incapable of doing.
Personally I don't like bump stocks because I think they are an excellent way to waste ammunition and they decrease accuracy.  But if I stand back and let them take your bump stock without saying anything I have no recourse when they come after something I own and like.
Viva Bump Stocks!

Robert Caraway

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