December 01st, 2023
L&T Opinions Page

LETTER TO THE EDITOR, Merle Roberts, Liberal


I chose the words numbskull and knothead, in my Sept. 13 opinion  deliberately because they fit well with what the Democratic Party has been doing today and for a long time.

Numbskull refers to showing a lack of ability to learn and understand things. Knothead refers to being dull-witted (foolish, lacking intelligence or slow witted).  Whether or not Democrats are numbskulls or knotheads, today they do act and talk like they are both.  If Democrats don’t want to be called or appear to be numbskulls or knotheads today, they should change their current act, politics and propaganda.

Being a numbskull explains why Democrats need their Kool Aid and their leaders to tell them what to do.  Being a knothead explains why Democrats will stubbornly do without hesitation what their leaders tell them to do.

Other political parties have their problems, but nothing by a long shot like the Democrats have, and they only get more and worse. 

I notice that everything negative and hateful Democrats say about Republicans is like they (Democrats) are looking in a mirror as they are saying it. It seems most Democrats are actually doing and saying the same bad stuff they accuse (but can’t prove) the Republicans of doing or saying.

All of the bad things I am accused of by Democrats are right out of the Democratic Party playbook, and most Democrats follow the playbook as I assume a good Democrat is supposed to do.  The bad things I am accused of, and haven’t done, are what Democrats deny doing but they have actually done for years (at least since the 1970s).  So it is okay for the Democrats to do the bad stuff and deny it. But it is wrong for others to deny what they haven’t done. Got It. 

The following I believe must have come out of the Democrat playbook. I have noticed their use by Democrats is denied by lots of Democrats — insults, accusations, hate, stupidity, emotions, prejudice, angry and inflamed rhetoric. All these appear in many kinds of Democrat correspondence or rants.



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