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September 20th, 2020
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Abraham Lincoln became president in 1860 with 1.8 million votes. Would you be surprised to learn that 2.8 million voters chose other candidates? Following today’s media reports and opposition pundits, I wonder if those 1.8 million who voted for Lincoln would be classified as a cult?

That’s the buzzword today surrounding anyone who professes to be a supporter of Donald Trump — you have been fooled, bamboozled, lied to and convinced against your will to support someone who is a charlatan, a con artist and has scammed you into becoming president, or at leaSt that is what you are told.

Do a Google search for Trump cult and you get 74 million responses.

A by-the-book definition says a cult is “a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.”

Trump supporters are certainly no small group. Almost 63 million Americans voted for Trump in 2016. 

Yes, that’s 2.9 million less than voted for Hillary Clinton, but she won California by almost 5 million votes. 

By the left’s definition, perhaps California would be considered cult followers of Clinton.

These insults of half of America are what turn people off from even participating in the process.

Who wants to be labeled as part of a cult?

That’s exactly the goal. 

Of course those who voted for Lincoln or Trump or even Clinton aren’t involved in a cult. They are involved in being Americans casting their votes for ideas, for dreams, for a path forward.

The labeling of these people as somehow not mainstream is also a political tactic used to make Trump supporters feel as though they did something wrong, as if they don’t think for themselves.

The real fear here isn’t cult behavior, it’s the occult that should concern us.

By the book, the occult is “supernatural, mystical, or magical beliefs, practices, or phenomena.”

It seems are media dabbles more in the occult than in reality, and they try to use manipulation, duress and psychological abuse as a way to influence the upcoming election.

The occult of the media is trying to persuade voters away from their own values by claiming Trump is leading a cult.

I have tried to explain time and time again to those who have said we have been deceived by Donald Trump, that I don’t feel deceived by his choices for the Supreme Court.

I don’t feel deceived by his choices to fill all the federal benches with Constitutional originalist judges.

I don’t feel deceived by the national economy with growing wages that has shown for the first time that the lower half are receiving most of the benefits than the top half.

I don’t feel deceived by renegotiating trade deals with Canada, Mexico, China and other nations.

I don’t feel deceived by the bipartisan effort for criminal justice reform.

I don’t feel deceived by a stronger military and a commitment to border security.

I don’t feel deceived by a president willing to say Merry Christmas and to protect Christian and Jewish students on campuses from discriminatory behavior.

For me to be fooled by this president, it seems I am getting a lot of what I want out of the deal.

He got my vote. I got all the policies I wanted.

For me to be fooled, as we were told prior to the election, Trump would have had to back liberal policies and reject conservative ones.

I doubt you will find many who say that has happened.

Trump has done what he said he would do, and he has been who he said he would be.

Why the cult references?

It’s simple.

With policy victories the opposition has decided their only path forward is to rally more liberal voters while attempting to suppress the conservative vote.

If conservatives vote as they did in 2016, Trump will be re-elected.

Liberals cannot allow that. 

They have to not only attack Trump on a non-stop basis, but they have to attack his supporters. They must be stopped at all costs, even if that cost is a prosperous  America, a more inclusive America.

Conservatives are now a cult, according to those who practice the occult.

And they will win if they are successful in creating a false sense 

of shame.

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