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April 01st, 2020
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Have y’all heard of the famous Lev Parnas?

You haven’t?

Well, according to Socialist Democrats, he’s right up there with Christine Blasey-Ford, Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick.

Oh that’s right, no one but a handful of smear merchants – aka attorneys in the Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh Senate hearing — knew those women, either.

The low-life smear merchants, abetted by the Socialist Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, charged Kavanaugh of sexual assault and/or misconduct. There was actually a fourth woman, but her name was never released publicly.

Parnas is simply another “wounded woman,” but involved with the 3-year-old impeachment hoax against our President, Donald J. Trump. 

And the smear merchants in this case are Democrat U.S. Representatives and Democrat U.S. Senators.

All of the sudden, after the Dems walked their solemn funeral dirge of their once-grand party and “finally” delivered the two articles of impeachment to the Senate – they trot out Lev Parnas.

It stinks of the same tactless assault they used against Kavanaugh. 

For example, Sen. Dianne Feinstein knew about Blasey-Ford’s letter months before the Senate hearing, but held it until the final hour, which stretched out the mud slinging and sewer slogging for days and days.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Cal) knew about the so-called “whistleblower” – he and his staff helped the guy write his complaint – and has known about Parnas for weeks if not months. And Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has known about Parnas for weeks if not months, too.

Who is Parnas?

He’s some foreigner (Ukrainian-born businessman) who claims he worked for Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and Parnas claims they were blackmailing Ukrainian officials in order to damage Joe Biden politically.

This Parnas is another Blasey-Ford, except he’s not mentally challenged (to an extent), but the feds have charged him with a four-count indictment alleging that he and another man conspired to violate the ban on foreign donations and contributions in connection with federal and state elections. 

In addition, Parnas and the other man were charged with conspiring to make contributions in connection with federal elections in the names of others, and with making false statements to and falsifying records to obstruct the administration of a matter within the jurisdiction of the Federal Election Commission.

His word is mud in Ukraine, and he is accused of being a serial liar by officials in Ukraine. Even Giuliani said Parnas lied in his “bombshell” MSNBC interview.

But, the media is – AGAIN – breathless with excitement because there are photos of Parnas and Trump together. 

The President says he doesn’t know the guy, that Parnas made donations, etc., but they never discussed anything about Ukraine. Trump said he thought Parnas was an Israeli.

But we all know the three broadcast stations as well as MSNBC and CNN are pushing the Dems demands to hold additional interviews in the Senate trial. They want to introduce this misfit Parnas under oath – a man who will say anything to get his charges reduced before he gets convicted.

Doesn’t this fit the bill of the Kavanaugh hearing?

Like the Socialist Democrats whining they wanted another FBI investigation of Kavanaugh – which fell flat – as flat as the disgusting charges the Dems made and pushed. And their sewer water was being carried by the media, especially CNN.

Remember attorney Michael Avenatti? Another no-name, shake down artist who represented several of the women accusers against Kavanaugh. He also represented a porn star who hated Trump, too, and she tried to sue Trump for having sex with him years ago. Seriously.

“The Media Research Center has determined that Avenatti made a whopping 254 television appearances over the course of a year,” according to an April 11 report by Joseph A. Wulfsohn at “Avenatti appeared most frequently on CNN, which welcomed him an astonishing 121 times. MSNBC also had a high tally, having him on 108 times. He made 24 appearances on broadcast news; 12 on ABC, seven on CBS and five on NBC.

“Avenatti appeared on Fox News twice,” Wulfsohn added. Several Fox News pundits called him “Sleezy Porn Lawyer” Avenatti.

But not he CNN show hosts and “reporters?” They loved Avenatti. They hailed him as “President Trump’s worst enemy,” and CNN’s Brian Stelter touted Avenatti on air as a “serious” presidential contender for 2020.

“CNN hosts did not just reserve their affection for Avenatti to working hours. They invited him to their parties, and lauded his ambitions to run for president in 2020,” according to the

The accolades were unbelievable, especially since no CNN “reporter” ever looked into this guy’s rackets and background. 

Oops, that’s something real reporters do. Duh.

Where is the gushing now?

“Avenatti was first arrested in March 2019, and charged by federal authorities for attempting to extort Nike for millions of dollars. On the same day, the State of California filed charges against him for embezzlement and fraud,” the Federalist reported.

Then he popped up again Jan. 14.

“A federal judge revoked the bail of Los Angeles attorney Michael Avenatti on Wednesday and ordered him jailed while awaiting trial on three indictments, saying new allegations of fraud and money laundering show he poses a danger to the public,” According to the Los Angeles Times. “(The judge) agreed with prosecutors that it appeared Avenatti had broken federal and state laws by hiding $1 million from one of his ex-wives and other creditors after his arrest in March.”

Hey Stelter, you want some “Avenatti for President in 2020” yard signs? Maybe after he serves 20?

The sleeze never ceases from that station. 

“CNN senior congressional correspondent Manu Raju asked Sen. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.) last week if the Senate should consider ‘new evidence as part of the impeachment trial,’” according to numerous reports, referring to Parnas’ “bombshell” claims on MSNBC.

“New evidence?”

How ignorant. Nothing Parnas says is “evidence.” Has he any proof, i.e. videos, audios? Something in writing?

“You’d think that journalists who had recently subjected the nation to a hysterical three-year carousel of botched Russia ‘collusion’ stories, fed to them by partisans, would show a lot more caution, rather than blindly embracing the theories of House Democrats,” David Harsanyi noted in a Jan. 16 post.

Nope, it’s just CNN giving crass accolades to another soon-to-be-convicted smear merchant. Maybe Parnas will get the cell next to Avenatti?

PS: Sen. McSally answered, “Manu, you’re a liberal hack. I’m not talking to you.”

Gotta luv it.

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