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June 06th, 2020
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There will be many lessons learned from the coronavirus pandemic once it is yesterday’s news.

A lesson that may not be among them is the importance of independent nations.

While we all love to have cross-culture communication, to visit and to expand our knowledge of one another, there is also a lesson or humanity that having some degrees of separation are for the good of the human race.

I’m not talking about prejudice or racism or supremacy. And I am not discouraging cross-cultural relationships or intermingling.

But having borders and separation are also designed to protect us from something that could possibly wipe out humanity, or at the very least do very serious harm.

The way we are able to contain pandemics is by limiting them to their region of origin.

Anyone coming in or out of a country may soon be subject to routine health checks just as we all started to take off our shoes at airports after 9/11.

This is why the concept of open borders is very, very dangerous.

At the very least, those entering a foreign nation should be given a health examination. The only way to do that is to have an orderly process for crossing international boundaries.

Italy, part of the open European Union, has suffered a human catastrophe by modern standards. Since this virus originated in China, it could only have entered Italy through international travel.

When President Donald Trump took the first step of protecting Americans from the virus by closing all traffic from China, he did something far better than tests ever could. He limited the infected projectiles from entering America which greatly reduced the amount of exposure.

The second phase of preparedness is to then test within the country, and the Center for Disease Control was not prepared and did not have proper input from the World Health Organization about this pending pandemic.

There will be time to assess why coordination was not more forthcoming, but that is only secondary to the most important step which was to restrict any more exposure by cutting off traffic at the borders.

Even now, the goal across America is to restrict movement and exposure. This is not going to prevent us from being exposed. But it will slow it down so health care officials can handle the workload. 

Italy didn’t do that, and more than coronavirus casualties mounted when those with other conditions could not receive necessary treatment.

America has reacted in time and perhaps may be on the verge of curtailing rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

We will continue to monitor just how far the government goes in restricting a free society.

Most importantly, we have to see the benefits of the many nations across this planet and why we have separations. It’s for our own health and safety.

Separate nations push each other to advance the cause of humanity, not in a race to sell the cheapest goods and services but in a race to achieve the highest standard of living for its people.

This race lifts billions out of poverty while also protecting them from a tragedy that could strike anywhere.

In many ways we all work together for the greater good, and in some ways we compete. But having separate nations has proven to be a natural protection for us all.

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