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March 28th, 2020
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reita isaacsLETTER TO THE EDITOR, Reita Isaacs, Liberal


Wonderful write up about the City Commission meeting Tuesday, March 10.

Ada is truly an asset to Liberal, and the whole community with all her great ideas, and the physical work that goes with it which is quite a bit.

By now, most of us know the main interest of the Commission (especially two of them) is to promote baseball for young kids, with the best of everything.  Again, that is wonderful, but some of the smaller things should be squeezed in once in a while.

The subject of a flagpole at the Air Museum has been brought up for a long time from their own Board members as well as myself several times. 

It wasn’t even mentioned.

I was there Tuesday evening, asking about it again. I was told they were looking into it again with someone else, but didn’t know when they would have an answer. 

I reminded them the flagpole from Lincoln School was still just sitting there on the empty lot. 

Now then, I got a little different answer when I approached someone else about the situation, so here’s the deal: Get a price for purchasing the pole and the transference, plus installation, and I will personally pay or see if enough of the concerned citizens will help to get this done.

The motto says: Educate, Entertain, and Inspire, but where is the outward symbol of patriotism that infers we have all of these inside to just give even a glimmer of its historic treasures?

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