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June 05th, 2020
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reita isaacsLETTER TO THE EDITOR, Reita Isaacs, Liberal


Decisions, decisions!

When I attended the City Council meeting on March 10th, I told them I had seven items to discuss, but would only do two of what I considered the most important now, and the others later.

Saundra Koochel and I have both approached the council, both passed and present, with the same results. That, in itself, shows where their interests lie. Beyond that, my contribution to the meeting wasn’t even mentioned in the write up in our newspaper.  Okay, if you subscribe to the paper, you read what was said, and can form your own opinion.

Now, because I usually try to talk and act like a lady, I will tone down my verbiage, and hope Earl says I’ve not exceeded my allotted 300 words.

Again, for over the past three years or so, I’ve voiced the concerns over video portion of the Council meetings: poor, grainy  reception, low volume, no volume, picture without sound, sound without picture, and best of all, NO SOUND, NO PICTURES.  Just lovely. 

They have called their tech up there with me, and it’s always about a hard-to-get part. Maybe he should get with the person that keeps the country functioning.

During the City’s meetings, all the department heads sit along the back wall, and except when there are presentations to be given, I am usually the only spectator in the audience, unless the Garcias stay for a while. There is plenty of safe space for all.

What happened? Did the eight necessary members need to spread out throughout the room to avoid contamination, or something else?

Since when did they receive the specific authorization to cut themselves out of our right to see and/or hear what is taking place right there, then and now?

I know and like most of these people involved with the Council, but we’re all suffering the consequences of the last time this happened! I say NO MORE! 

It’s past time to get everything in order where it should always have been.



I also want to thank Mr. Immell for replying so quickly to my article.

His in-depth research has saved me a tremendous amount of time that I would have expended when I could have just written that little ol’ check. 

Thank you, again, for giving me detailed information on where to send the check, no questions asked, just on more blind faith.

I’ve been around the block of life’s experiences long enough to know it would be in a file drawer until something was decided on.

I have a great suggestion: Now that you actually have all this information, why don’t you get things started?

Then I will be happy to personally hand you the check.

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