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May 28th, 2022
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larry phillips mugshotGUEST COLUMN, Larry Phillips, Kismet


The major media proves daily it has become, without doubt, “the enemy within.” 

It’s unbridled hatred of President Trump is devolving into something akin to total mass insanity. They are now flaunting their titles as traitors, wearing it like a badge of honor.

The media conspires with people like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to not only break the law but also uses duplicitous hypocrisy to attack Trump and delete free speech among anyone with conservative views or arguments. 

Zuckerberg goes before a Congressional Committee to try and explain how an analytics firm obtained and sold Facebook data to Trump’s campaign in 2016 but offers only double-talk.

For those not fully understanding what happened, here is what contributor Jayson DeMers wrote for online:

“Here’s the gist of what happened: Several years ago, Facebook exposed data from 50 million users to an academic researcher, who used a quiz app to pull more user data than he should have reasonably gotten,” DeMers wrote. “That researcher then sold that user data to analytics firm Cambridge Analytica. CA then used that user data as part of Trump’s marketing and advertising campaign.”

Of course, the media is trying to use this as another way to impeach Trump – that he used that data to steal the election from the lefts’ abomination, Hillary Clinton. 

Each of the proud traitors – CNN, New York Times, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC and the Washington Post (and many other lemmings) are trying to use this so-called scandal as a means of attack.

Unfortunately for them, “by the time the general election rolled around, the Trump campaign had dumped Cambridge as a consultant, which means the data Cambridge bought had no impact on the general election.”

The media and the left ignore that fact, and the fact it was legal for this researcher to mine the data, according to Zuckerberg’s own apologies. And he, a leftist capitalist, was only interested in making profits – not to use Facebook for political purposes. Hah. 

Truth be known, Zuckerberg is probably sickened that Cambridge Analytica sold the data to Trump, because Zuckerberg wasn’t afraid to break the law and “give away” much more data to Barack Hussein Obama during his 2012 campaign.

“In contrast, the Obama campaign’s use of Facebook was massive, and even more intrusive,” according to an article published March 27 at “About a million people let the (Obama) campaign gather not only data on themselves, but on all their friends, who didn’t know their data was being harvested as well — a number that could easily have reached 190 million, which, at the time, was about equal to every active Facebook user in the U.S.”

That happened in 2012 prior to the election.

“Obama’s tech gurus were able to match this rich treasure trove of personal data — likes, dislikes, photos, etc. — with other databases, creating the largest and most detailed profiles on voters ever assembled,” the article continued.

“His campaign aggressively used its unique access to influence millions of people the campaign identified as ‘persuadable’ sending them highly targeted campaign messages that appeared to come from their Facebook friends, rather than the Obama campaign.”

Where was the media’s outrage about Obama using data from 190 million people?

Where were the calls for his impeachment?

Talk about duplicity and lawlessness during a campaign. And Obama even bragged about it publically, and the media howled about how ingenious Obama and his people were.

Facebook and Zuckerberg knew its user data was being harvested en masse, but didn’t care. Why would Zuckerberg care – about Obama or the law – he’s a devoted leftist.

Despite Obama’s arrangement between his campaign and Facebook, experts say both Obama and Zuckerberg might have colluded outside the law.

According to Heritage Foundation election expert Hans von Spakovsky, “Federal law ‘bans corporations from making direct or indirect contributions to federal candidates.’”

Don’t believe Zuckerberg is a leftist? 

How do you explain what he and his lemmings did to Diamond and Silk, the Black women who openly support Trump? And have more than a million followers?

The women noticed their “engagements” were dropping after September of 2017. The sisters battled with Facebook for months and were not given a reason.

“They kept giving us the run around, ‘nothing is wrong with your page,’ ‘there’s nothing wrong with it,’ ‘we don’t know’ … It was just back and forth, back and forth,” Diamond said, according to an article by Lukas Mikelionis.

“The straw was the other day when they wrote and said that they deemed our content and our brand ‘unsafe to the community,’” she added.

Unsafe to the community?

Sounds like Communist Moscow, doesn’t it?

That proves conservatives in America have a world of problems when Facebook decides what we can read or watch or see. Who do they think Zuckerberg is? Hitler?

When we have the major media, Facebook and other fascists deciding what American’s can say and write, it’s time to rise up and take this country back again.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR, Starley Craig, Liberal


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