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July 05th, 2020
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Printed twice in the paper is a public resolution by USD 480 stating their intention to get an 8 mill raise from property owners — about $2 million — because, well, they need it! Want to know what they need it for? I did. So I called up the financial officer for USD 480 and asked.

He answered me that:

• They really weren’t asking for it;

• If they got it, they weren’t going to spend it;

• The items they weren’t going to spend it on included: “Housing and boarding pupils enrolled in an area vocational school operated under the board,” “building sites,” “redevelopment districts,” and “paying principle and interest on city bonds.”

I have a dollar bill that they will take the $2 million and spend it, right after spending $130 million on new schools in a town with declining enrollment.

The above items came right out of the legal announcement. I felt like the financial officer was used to lecturing groups of other people but was unsure in a one-on-one encounter. 

Maybe you don’t want your taxes raised again. If so, call.

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