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September 27th, 2020
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reita isaacsLETTER TO THE EDITOR, Reita Isaacs, Liberal


I have had three topics within the last few weeks that I had planned on addressing, but this one has me willing to take on.

A few nights ago, a spokeswoman for the Teacher’s Union how concerned they are about the mental and physical health of all children and their families. 

Some proven facts are: these days are often the only time they get healthy food, the staff have the opportunity to look for signs of abuse or neglect, alcohol or drug abuse, suicides, loss of interest in learning, inadequate or no equipment for online learning, many parents unable to help for one reason or another, not learning healthy social skills, etc.

Now, this woman was so concerned about the children and their welfare of being allowed to go to school, she came up with some of the Union’s solutions:  more money for hazard pay, better PPE for teachers, new and more complete ventilation systems everywhere, more money for the students’ families, and closing private schools.

How about their efforts to change our history and substitute their concept of what it says is true, according to them?

Now, it’s amazing how she was able to have a new dye job on her hair, and eat enough “comfort” food to keep from being thin enough scare the kids, on her being so underpaid on $600 per week while waiting for the perfect setup.  Oh wait!  Today, it was mentioned they want seven or maybe 14 days days without ANY new cases.

Parents and caregivers are wanting to get these kids back NOW, and stop this political garbage.

Take all incentives away, open ALL businesses and schools; then if they choose not to work; go hungry.  Times-a-wasting!

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