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May 28th, 2022
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Larry Phillips

The fictional book written by former FBI Director is being covered by the national media as if every word of this admitted leaker of FBI documents – and someone who has been proven to be untruthful – is “The Gospel according to James Comey.”
How sad for so many politically aligned Democrats that this man is somehow a “progressive hero.”
How low can the Democratic Party stoop to believe this man’s psychoanalysis of whether Trump is fit for office? This man should end up in jail, and a whole bunch of Democrats know it, too.
Those who have followed my writings for years, know I was raised a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat. We had President Kennedy’s large framed photo hanging in our house.
We all know the old Democratic Party is dead, and with the current leaders of the party today, its total annihilation is imminent – maybe coming as soon as the November elections this year.
Where do Democrats stand? What standards do they fight for? As an aside note, I heard a conservative say on television, “If the Democrats didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all.”
That’s funny, but it’s also very poignant. Let’s look at what Democrats propose – or support:
• Hatred of Donald Trump.
How is that going to improve people’s lives? What policies does that infer? How does that derangement benefit all Americans?
• Dems want to cancel the tax cuts Trump and the Republicans passed in January – and re-impose all those burdensome regulations.
Not one Democrat in either the House or Senate voted for the tax cuts. How does that improve the lives of Americans?
• The Dems use race, class warfare and scare tactics that include long-used identity politics.
They use Blacks, women, Hispanics, gays – whoever is available to push agendas that exclude the majority of Americans.
They’re more worried about protecting criminal illegal aliens than protecting American citizens and their neighborhoods.
They worry more about protecting minority groups which openly encourage the murder of police officers than the officers and their families.
• They say the fact they lose elections will end up killing women.
Give me a break.
• They actually believe Russia is in cahoots with Trump.
I guess Putin is okay with Trump humiliating him and Iran and Syria last week with 100-plus missiles, eh?
• They’re more worried where men who “think” they are women are going to go to the bathroom.
And any of you who don’t “accept gay lifestyles or else” are immediately attacked by the intolerant gay wolf-pack.
• They are rejecting free speech and free association at universities across the nation.
That’s what we deserve by allowing progressive leftist professors to take over absolute power at educational facilities. Got to give it to those teacher unions that are co-opted by socialists and communists, it’s working for them thus far.
• They consistently attack law-abiding gun owners, blaming them for shootings – and they want to abolish the Second Amendment – and take away your guns.
They ignore the fact that someone has to pull the trigger on a gun to kill someone. But, they know it’s the Second Amendment that keeps them from taking total control over all you common slobs that elected Trump and other conservatives.
• They actually believe everything – including known ommissions, misinformation and propaganda that is put out by the Lame Stream Media – which has become the lefts’ Joseph Goebbels – the Ministers of Propaganda.
I feel sorry for anyone who honestly believes CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post and the other lemmings that reprint all the garbage these so-called news outlets publish or report.
The media actually believes their methods will still work on the the majority of the people. They’re brainwashing has worked in the past.
But look at all the polls and the “news” before the 2016 presidential election. Hillary was going to be elected by a landslide – no doubts.
But what happened?
All those dolts in the middle of the country elected Trump.
It was the end of the world. But wait, our propaganda ministers at the national media will help us rid ourselves of this Trump guy. First we’ll lie about him 24/7 for four years, then make up ficticious issues we can impeach him on, and then we’ll have Hollywood morons publically call for his assassination.
We’ll also use the deep state progressives that run the National Security Agency, the CIA, the FBI and all those adulterous FBI executives to ruin Trump.
We don’t care if laws are broken, if illegal information is passed on to FISA judges, or if the Special Prosecutor is BFFs with all the bad actors being discovered in the justice department, the FBI and all of the above.
It’s a cesspool, and how the regular Democrats in the party are getting sucked down into it is beyond me. I would be totally ashamed of the party if I was a Democrat and would be looking for someone who espouses civilized policies – not hatred and corruption.
I feel like we’ll see and hear the death moans of the Democratic Party after the November election: I predict the House will maintain a “strong” GOP majority, and the GOP will pick up five more Senate seats so they can negate the “Establishment Republicans” like Rand Paul, John McCain and Lindsey Graham – losers who also hate Trump.
Here’s a tip for Democrats who can still think for themselves: Don’t believe the polls and the media that Dems are taking over the House and Senate in November.
They lied to you in 2016, didn’t they?

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