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October 30th, 2020
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR, Wayne Wettstein, Seward County


I attended the County Commission meeting on Monday, Oct. 5, and found some disturbing issues. The schedule went through with every grant being accepted with a 5-0 vote. Then came up the grant for $114,000 from the State of Kansas for enlargement improvements to the Seward County Rural Fire Department. This grant is enough to fund 100 percent of the improvements. It was met with resistance from commissioners CJ Wettstein and Nathan McCaffrey. In questioning Chief Barkley, it became clear their resistance was from more personal feelings than the issue at hand.

During the time I have been following the County Commission meetings online, I have noticed the Chief Barkley has had to correct some statements about the Seward County Rural Fire Department that were made by the commissioners. It is very clear they don’t accept correction at all, not even if they are wrong.

By the time the questions and comments were over, it was very clear Commissioner Wettstein and Commissioner McCaffrey were more concerned about their own personal agenda or their commitment to some “special interest” groups in the “Liberal clique.” When the question was asked about moving to defund the Seward County Rural Fire Department, Commissioner McCaffrey was very verbal that was “not” the case. Then a few minutes later he voted no to accept and proceed forward with the state grant for the enlargement and improvements to the Seward County Rural Fire Department on Eighteenth Street. What a coincidence, saying one thing and doing another.

I would like to encourage all of the residents in Dist. 1 and Dist. 5 to do their research on what is happening. Instead of having representation for a few “special interest” groups, maybe they should elect an individual who will represent all of the residents of Seward County.

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