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March 07th, 2021
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Tomorrow, Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States, and lost in the foolish violence during the certification of the Electoral College vote are the questions of voting integrity, political discrimination and dealings with foreign nations by the Biden family in China, Ukraine and Iraq.

Last summer, protests against the injustice of one obvious act of police brutality led to violence across the nation.

According to “The Guardian,” at least 25 people were killed in the riots and billions of dollars of goods were stolen during looting. The cost of the damage to property also reached into the billions.

If you see your insurance rates increase this year, you can feel good about playing your part in the riots since the elected officials in those areas allowed the property to be destroyed knowing you will pay for it through increased premiums.

Instead of the media focusing on the damage of the riots in 2020, they chose to focus on the concerns of those rioting — police brutality and social justice.

These are universal concerns. None of us support police brutality, and a vast majority of officers are opposed to it.

And a vast majority of Americans believe in social justice. We may not just call it “social” justice but justice in general. It would make no sense to advocate for injustice.

More importantly, almost every American supports ending racism. No one should face discrimination because of the color of their skin.

Likewise, our system is built on free and fair elections. 

This is also a universal value in America. Wanting to make sure that elections legitimately reflect the will of the voters is paramount.

If one person faces social injustice, it is a wrong that needs corrected. If one vote is cast illegally, it is a wrong that needs corrected.

But when riots occurred in one instance, they were told their cause was noble.

When one riot broke out on another issue, it was called an attempted coup, a Constitutional crisis and an attempt to overthrow an election.

All rioting is wrong in America, and no one — no one — has the right to riot. It is explicit in the Constitution that people have the right to “peaceably assemble” and make their opposition known to the government, even if that action is critical of the government.

Protesting against police brutality is 100 percent protected. Protesting against election fraud is 100 percent protected.

On both issues, one case is one too many. If one person is neglected a job because of the color of their skin, it is an injustice. If one vote was cast illegally, it is an injustice.

We are bing told that there “wasn’t enough fraud” to require any action. 

Could you imagine telling the Black community that one wrongful arrest isn’t enough to require action?

The difference is the media has removed the focus of the concern about elections. It’s the last thing anyone is thinking at this point.

And it is dangerous to forget how ballot counting suddenly stopped when President Trump had what appeared to most to be an insurmountable lead only to find out that overnight a massive number of votes were made available to be counted.

It is dangerous to forget the rules for casting votes were arbitrarily changed at the 11th hour, and not by state legislatures in most cases.

It is dangerous that many states do not require any identification of any kind to cast a ballot but they need photo identification to purchase a can of spray paint.

Election integrity is paramount to a free society. 

If fraud is not considered a big enough concern to examine, then it comes as no surprise that the losing side of any election would always question the results.

For four years we were told Russians influenced the 2016 election, and there were investigations for four years only to discover that the claims were false.

Now, we have an accusation of voter fraud within the country, and it is about to be silenced the same way all tyrannies silence opposition — by suppression, intimidation and coercion.

There should be reviews of the process and corrections made to make sure that all sides see elections as free and fair, no matter who wins.

It won’t change the outcome of this election, and few said it would.

The rioters in Washington, D.C., had planned to wreak havoc before Trump ever addressed them and called on them to “peacefully” address members of Congress. Those rioters should be prosecuted for their actions.

Now we have a precedent where anyone who supports a position that turns into a riot will be impeached without witnesses, without evidence presented, and without a hearing in the House of Representatives.

When the next riot breaks out in a city, and the mayor pulls law enforcement back — impeachment.

When a governor refuses to defend the people and property within the state during a riot — impeachment.

Why would we protect members of Congress differently than a restaurant owner or a store clerk? Do we have two different standards of justice, or is “social” justice only reserved for some and not others?

Nancy Pelosi has now set a new low bar on what is required, and while she holds the gavel she will abuse her authority. What happens if Republicans take control in 2022? 

Fully expect Biden to be impeached for claiming he had no knowledge of his son’s business dealings.

Impeachment will become a partisan battering ram from now on, further driving a wedge between Americans.

We have many common values, and they are all associated with justice. Social justice, electoral justice, economic justice, and the protection from a mob.

If our government cannot insure those fundamental principles, expect 2021 to look a lot more like 2020.

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