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June 06th, 2023
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Has anyone been studying the amount of money Big Tech is making these days? They have moved from giants on the Internet to financial giants of the world.

In a Lame Stream Media report by left-wing Reuters, the amount of financial largess was snuck into a story posted Feb. 2 with the headline “Jeff Bezos announces plan to step down as CEO, as Amazon’s Q4 revenue eclipses $100 billion.”

One hundred billion, with a capital B, in three months? Wrap your head around that for a moment – $100 billion. 

Compare that to Denver’s annual budget for 2020, of $1 billion. Houston is only at $4 billion, while Los Angeles is at $8 billion, and San Francisco is at $10 billion. New York City alone has the highest annual budget in the nation at $73 billion – a whopping $63 billion-plus than any other city in America.

Folks, Amazon’s fourth quarter revenue of $100 billion is more than the entire state of Florida’s annual budget of $91.1 billion for 2020. And Florida is fifth on the list of the top U.S. states’ annual budgets.

Only California ($214.8 B), New York ($177 B), Washington ($118.4 B) and Texas ($107.9 B) spend more than Florida. Those numbers are annual budgets – not three months’ income like Amazon alone earned.

I mention Amazon because it has succumbed to controlling information distribution, and Bezos still has his leftist thumb on the news published in his newspaper, The Washington Post.

Amazon’s total, full-year 2020 net sales were up 38 percent, to $386.1 billion, according to one report in The Verge. FYI: If you want to purchase one share of stock in Amazon, it will cost you a cool $3,300.

Google parent, Alphabet, on Feb. 2 reported it’s record revenue, for the second straight quarter, rose 23 percent to $56.9 billion. 

Don’t forget Alphabet also owns Refinitiv., Google Cloud and YouTube. In total, Alphabet made $182.527 billion in revenue for fiscal year 2020.

That’s more than the annual budgets of 49 states (or 54 if you ask Barack Obama). Think about that for a minute.

Let’s not stop there, though. 

Facebook last quarter only came in at $28.07 billion. Interestingly, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the company is now considering steps to reduce the amount of political content that users see in their News Feed. Does that include its baby Instagram? Sure.

He also noted Facebook “plans to permanently stop recommending civic and political groups to users around the world.”

This bodes badly for conservatives, because Zuckerberg is bowing to the leftists in this decision. Or eagerly genuflecting before them.

For example, don’t allow conservatives to announce a local GOP meeting because left-wing socialists claim that meeting is for planning “insurrection,” the new buzz-word to stop everything conservative.

Twitter, ran by “Propaganda-in-Chief” Jack Dorsey, isn’t announcing Twitter’s quarterly report until Feb. 9 (I’m writing this Feb. 6), but Wall Street experts report fourth quarter revenues are expected to be $1.19 billion. That’s only for the last three months of 2020 – $1.19 billion.


Staggering amounts of money in the hands of so few men –  five or six men who are nothing more than surrogates of the Socialist-Democratic Party. Or, perhaps, the ultimate leaders of the Dems and their followers in the Lame Stream Media, Hollywood and the digital warriors (cancel-culture terrorists funded by avowed communist George Soros).

If conservative Republicans could take back majority control of the House and Senate in the 2022 elections, they might be able to amend the legal liability shield, the Section 230 law. 

However, we’re discovering the Deep Swamp Republicans have crawled out of the slime and have joined the socialists. Currently, Big Tech is in the driver’s seat.

“Twitter’s CEO, Dorsey, (has) testified in front of the Senate Commerce Committee,” wrote Lauren Feiner Oct. 29, 2020, at

“Dorsey and CEOs from Facebook and Google showed up to ‘defend’ their legal liability shield, Section 230, from lawmakers keen to weaken it,” Feiner added. “The law protects platforms from being held responsible for their users’ posts and also allows them to moderate content they find to be objectionable.”

To wrap this up, here’s a bedtime story that might give you nightmares.

“A new study from researchers affiliated with Amazon and the University of California, Santa Barbara, aims to shed light specifically on biases in open-ended English natural language generation,” according to a report by Kyle Wigger posted Feb. 3 at

In this context, “bias” refers to the tendency of a language model to generate text perceived as being negative, unfair, prejudiced, or stereotypical against an idea or a group of people with common characteristics.

Seems the people involved with artificial intelligence (AI) study these models because, according to Wigger, “Natural language models are the building blocks of apps including machine translators, text summarizers, chatbots, and writing assistants.”

Folks, these Amazon techies are trying to build apps with AI algorithms to identify, locate and destroy any writing, audio or video postings by conservatives on the worldwide Internet.

How long do you think it will take for Amazon and Bezos to provide the AI algorithms and apps to the other Big Tech companies?

In a blink and a nod, partner. 

Nothing that opposes the socialist policies or legislative issues of the Democrats will be allowed under their “bias” models and algorithms.

Sweet dreams.