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July 02nd, 2022
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First, we should all applaud Representative Shannon Francis for introducing HB 2756 compulsory sales tax for internet sales. How can anyone or any institute not conceive that this is not a good bill? This bill levels the playing field for everyone to pay the same sales tax rate on like purchases whether it was purchased in a brick and mortar retailer or on online retailer. I don't think I should have an unfair advantage over my competitors; nor do I want them to have a 9.25 percent advantage over me.

The Kansas Policy Institute's official position is HB 2756 is a ruse to grow government. How can they not think this is a fair tax? It is incredulous to me that someone could oppose this sales tax with of course, the obvious on line retailers. One has to wonder where the majority of the funding for the Kansas Policy Institute come from. As for their statement; the money will be used to grow government is pure speculation on their part. Both the City of Liberal and Seward County have lowered mil levies in past years that their budget allowed. This increase in sales tax revenue could actually lower your ad valorem tax. Perhaps the Kansas Policy Institute has not considered the state of Kansas needs the revenue just to meet their current budget. In my opinion sales tax is one of the fairest taxes there is, but it should be applied evenly to all entities.

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