February 29th, 2024
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dick morrisGUEST COLUMN, Dick Morris


While the Democrats and their media allies obsess over Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s focus on the economy, jobs, Korea and Iran is paying big dividends.

His overall ratings have moved up as the Democrats abandon the field to him.

His RealClearPolitics.com average job approval now stands at 44.4 percent.

That’s up from 41.5 percent on April 23 and from 37 percent in December.

But, more importantly, his approval on specific issues — the key issues — is much higher.

In the Reuters/Ipsos Poll, Trump is at or over 50 percent in his job approval ratings on the economy, employment and jobs, ISIS, taxes and immigration.

In addition, he is above his overall average approval rating on trade, foreign policy, dealing with Congress and unifying the country.

If you approve of how he is handling these key issues, it is only a matter of time until you decide you approve of his overall job performance.

So Trump is poised for another big gain in job approval after almost a year of relative stagnation.

Particularly as he takes important action, in the next few weeks, on Iran and North Korea, these ratings are set to continue to surge.

Trump’s relationship with Daniels looms as this year’s equivalent of former President Bill Clinton’s with Monica Lewinsky — an attractive target that distracts the opposition and, ultimately, leaves them without an issue agenda on which to run. The public doesn’t care about Stormy. Look at Trump’s gain in the polls as she has achieved national name recognition and the scandal has developed.

But Americans sure do care about jobs, Korea, trade, immigration and Trump’s other strong points.

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