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March 05th, 2021
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earl watt newL&T Publisher Earl Watt


Democrats are much better than Republicans of sticking together no matter what.

Republicans aren’t that good at blind loyalty to their party. 

The only time you see divides in the Democratic Party is when someone does not move to the extreme left fast enough. They eventually get there, but for the AOC’s of the party who are already there, they will take jabs at their own for not implementing socialism fast enough.

You never see divides in the Democratic Party because someone drifted to the right, not since Bill Clinton declared the era of big government over.

Since then, the Democratic Party has purged all moderate thinkers form the group and have invited only left and far left people to the party.

Republicans have yet to develop the type of hard core commitment, and there is proof.

When Bill Clinton faced impeachment, five Democratic representatives voted for the articles. Not one Democratic senator voted for impeachment. Not one.

When Donald Trump faced impeachment, twice, 11 Republican representatives and seven Republican senators voted for impeachment.

Let’s remember that impeachment is purely a political punishment. No one goes to jail. It is not a judicial branch component.

Not one Democratic senator ever voted to impeach a Democratic president, but Republicans have voted to impeach their own.

Republicans routinely jump party lines to vote for Democratic-sponsored bills, but Democrats refuse to support any Republican bill.

Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell famously said during the Obama Administration that he planned on obstructing any legislation by Obama.

And yet, they supported and allowed the Iranian deal.

Republicans simply do not stick together like Democrats.

There are many examples — the recent vote by seven Republican Senators to convict former president Donald Trump — where Democrats remain one bloc and Republicans jump ship, but try to find any example where the opposite occurred. Try to find once in the last five years where Republicans and a few Democrats voted together on anything.

Thats why the modern definition of bipartisan means all Democrats and a few Republicans. Bipartisan never occurs with all Republicans and a few Democrats.

Why is that? Why are Democrats better at being a single voice? And how do we reach bipartisanship when only one party is required to jump party lines?

The answer is simple — Democrats don’t believe any conservative idea is worth their support. Not one.

However, there are Republicans who believe some liberal positions should receive support.

Watch this play out after 2022 when Republicans take control of the House. They will impeach Biden if for nothing more than political retribution, but more than likely for Biden lying about the involvement of his son Hunter, for threatening the Ukrainians — they will pick something.

Not one Democrat will vote for it. Not one.

Democrats have no history of bipartisanship unless they are the majority in the cooperation. Democrats never take a minority role in supporting any bipartisan legislation in recent memory.

What can we deduce from this? It’s simple. Only one party believes in and actually practices bipartisanship, and that is the Republican Party. 

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