Good Luck
Bee Jays!

September 27th, 2023
L&T Opinions Page

LETTER TO THE EDITOR, Jennifer Pittman, former Liberal resident


Wow, still arguing over turf fields in Liberal. Haven’t moved on yet.

I feel the wrong questions keep getting left out. Rather than sitting back and calling the school board members out and degrading the programs in the school, how about asking the question of, “Is this saving the district money by making the fields turf?”   

Has this question been asked? Has it been answered? 

I don’t know. As I no longer live there and pay taxes but Liberal is still my hometown, and I have family and friends there. 

Has any analysis been done to show that turfing the field is a cost saving to the district? Not sure if the school district can but maybe that should be at the meeting showing the public that it is actually saving them money.

Well good luck with the outcome.

Once a Redskin, always a Redskin.

L&T Publisher Earl Watt


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