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September 27th, 2023
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As it stands right now, 29 states have voter identification laws. That simply means you have to show your ID before you cast a vote. That can be a driver’s license or any other state provided ID. Every one of those 29 states offer free IDs for voters, so there is no expense to get one.

But the federal government is looking to ban voter identification even though more states require it than don’t.

The bigger issue here is that some senators will have to vote against the policies established by their own states, like Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan.

How can representatives of the states vote against the will of its own state?

The only reason would be to make sure they aren’t voted out of office by removing the tools that make sure elections are secure.

Nothing legitimizes an election more than voter identification. By knowing each voter had to prove they were who they said they were, the side that loses an election can know they lost fair and square.

But if anyone could walk up and claim to be anyone, then the losing side could always claim there was something nefarious about the process.

Elections aren’t about proving anything to the winning side, but we do have to make sure that those who come up short believe the process was fair.

We see elections around the world that leave us less than impressed with the outcomes because the winner doesn’t seem to have the support of the people.

It is impossible to eliminate every possibility of cheating, but there are common-sense steps that are necessary to make sure elections are a clear reflection of the people, and voter ID is one of those.

And most states use it.

In addition to eliminating the voter ID requirement, Democratic lawmakers are also trying to tell all states they have to allow voting well beyond Election Day.

It’s as if there is no such thing as having to get to the polls on time. 

Every state offers some sort of advance voting, but that isn’t good enough for these Democrats in Washington. It is good enough for the Democrats back home in the states, even liberal states, that have rules on when votes can be cast, but the Washington brand of Democrat, along with a complicit and advocating media, calls efforts like deadlines for voting and voter ID requirement voter suppression tactics.

These same Washington Democrats want to make it almost impossible to purchase a gun through strict registration guidelines but have no controls at all when it comes to voting.

Despite having windows of two weeks to cast a ballot, Washington Democrats are calling for up to two more weeks after an election to accept ballots, and anything less is racist.

What a two-week window after Election Day has to do with race, I don’t know, but that’s how Washington Democrats characterize anything that opposes their ideology.

Does the requirement of a voter ID equate to suppressing the vote when any citizen can get a free voter ID card?

Does asking the voters to submit their ballot by Election Day with advance voting allowed two weeks early sound like voter suppression?

Does registering to vote prior to an election sound like voter suppression?

Washington Democrats have an alternative.

Unless a person can show up on Election Day, or after, demand a ballot despite not being registered, offer no identification or proof of residency in the district, state or country, and be able to do that wherever they may show up to cast a ballot, then the policies that do not allow this are racist voter suppression.

That’s what they are talking about for our elections, and they might just have the votes to get it done.

L&T Publisher Earl Watt


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