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April 18th, 2021
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earl wattL&T Publisher Earl Watt


With the current environment in Washington and elsewhere, several of you have asked me, “What can we do?”

It seems helpless, I know. There is absolutely no effort to compromise. Even the proposed infrastructure bill being proposed is completely being crafted by Democrats alone, and that means any money spent on infrastructure will be going to blue states. Kansas can forget seeing any improvement to roads like Highway 54.

This is what happens in one-party controlled government, even when the majority is razor thin. The Senate is evenly split at 50-50, and the House is 222 Democrats to 212 Republicans, the closest split in the House since 2001.

Despite a nation that equally wants conservative and liberal values, we only see liberal policies as the Democrats are consistently voting en masse and ramming a unilateral agenda down the throats of the American people.

Couple that with situations like Georgia where voting times were extended in many cases but President Joe Biden has lied — yes, he lied — about the bill and said it was more restrictive. The Washington Post, a liberal publication, gave Biden four Pinocchios, their highest level of falsehood they award.

The mainstream media, knowing Biden lied, continues to compare Georgia’s voting law to Jim Crow laws, and Major League Baseball has canceled Georgia by pulling the All Star Game from Atlanta, one of the most liberal cities in America.

I’m not the boycotting kind of guy. I don’t watch sports to receive political messaging. I’m a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan, and I have tons of hats, shirts and more. But I won’t watch one game, I will not buy one shirt or hat or anything else associated with Major League Baseball.

When the question is “What can we do” to combat this intolerant and ignorant culture that intentionally attempts to do harm to anything that disagrees with their world view, my response is we have to start doing anything we possibly can.

When ESPN sees revenue drops because MLB games have smaller television audiences, maybe they will get back to sports and get away from politics.

Politics are toxic, divisive, and we used to leave politics out of casual conversations.

Social media has forced politics into every aspect of our lives.

We used to recognize George Washington for his leadership in defeating the British and establishing the model for the presidency, and we recognized he was also a slave owner.

But now we can only discuss him as a racist. Anyone who tries to recognize the redeeming values of Washington are canceled.

And we have crawled into our corners and allowed statues and schools to strip the father of our country from his rightful place by people who are exercising freedoms Washington fought to provide them.

The first step in the destruction of a nation is when it rejects its own proud heritage and history of how it was founded.

When we no longer defend and take pride in the road we have traveled to get our country to the point where it is, we have rejected the work done by those who believed in freedom, democracy and republican values.

Those most convicted to their beliefs will win. Why does the muslim faith dominate the Middle East? They are committed to their beliefs. They cut the hands off of thieves, husbands can behead their wives in the streets if they disobey, children who listen to western music can be killed, and this is all acceptable in their culture.

How is this allowed? They are committed to their beliefs.

Liberals in this country are committed to their beliefs. They want conservatives gone. They don’t want to co-exist. They don’t want to seek compromise. They will use propaganda and disinformation to berate and villainize Republicans and conservatives. They will try to tie racism, misogyny and homophobia to anyone who disagrees with their world view. Any other views are wrong, and they are committed to carrying out their goals of democratic socialism. They want people to voluntarily vote for government handouts rather than focus on individual initiative.

If you aren’t fighting against the liberal takeover, you are supporting it.

If you aren’t posting on your social media account against these radical views, if you are not defending George Washington, you are accelerating the end of the great values that have created American Exceptionalism.

If you aren’t trying to recruit voters to defend the Declaration of Independence that outlines your God-given rights, then you are allowing mob rule to cancel you.

What can we do?

Stop watching Major League Baseball. That’s a start.

Keep a portion of the stimulus your grandchildren will be paying back for you and contribute to conservative races. Here in Kansas, we can feel safe that we will protect our seat in Congress, and that means we can send our funds to help those who need it in other races.

Encourage people to vote for conservatives in other areas. If you have family in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and other critical states, make sure they are participating. Voter turnout is the key, especially after 34 states have enacted voter identification laws. As long as we are who we say we are, and we register and vote, we can take back America.

Also, pay attention to what your children or grandchildren are learning in schools. There is a liberal push to rewrite American history. I had to visit with a teacher who sent home the assignment titled, “Lies in the Preamble of the Constitution.” That happened right here. 

We are losing the fight because conservatives by very nature don’t get involved in the bluster of politics. We quietly cast our ballot. But the other side is using propaganda, a complicit mainstream media and oppressive social media to push a one-sided narrative. If you don’t fight back, you are helping them win.

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