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May 09th, 2021
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earl wattL&T Publisher Earl Watt


I wonder if John F. Kennedy were president if he would have approved of sending our olympic team to communist China.

His generation confronted the evil of socialism head on. They knew there was little difference between slavery and communist-run countries. The idea that the people are all equal, which is the ideal goal of communism, never happens. Most people are equally poor, but the ruling class elite live a life of opulence and privilege.

No, I doubt JFK, a Democrat, would have sent Americans to China to legitimize the massive human rights violations that take place in that country.

Instead, what we have today are major corporations taking control of our society by trying to punish American states for creating laws to protect the integrity of elections.

They will boycott Georgia, which has a freely elected governor and legislature, but they will not boycott China which has a dictator and no guaranteed human rights of any kind.

The Chinese are rejecting trade policies that encourage a higher standard of living for those outside of China. But policies that benefit China are embraced. It might be called “China First.”

Can you name another country that has nets outside of skyscraper buildings to keep the workers from committing suicide?

But Foxconn, a Chinese company that provides services for Nintendo, Sony and Blackberry as well as other tech companies, is just one of many office buildings with anti-suicide nets, according to an Aug. 3, 2010 article in the Wall Street Journal.

Even suicides are not a way to escape socialist communism in China.

They do not have religious freedom, freedom of speech, the right to own a gun or any of the other rights we consider a birthright in a free nation.

And yet, the youth of today are being indoctrinated with this socialistic option as though it would improve life rather than lead to social decay.

Across the nation, student groups are being formed to promote socialism while conservative groups are being banned from campuses and referred to as hate groups.

We are about to legitimize China and these socialist regimes by acting as if they are operating by the same rules, as if those living in China are happy and free.

They are not. If a net outside the window to prevent suicide doesn’t tell you something is wrong, I don’t know what will.

Boycott election rules but support no free elections at all in China, that’s what we are seeing from our corporations.

Why is that?

It’s simple. They control the government and those in it. Elections that don’t guarantee their candidate wins will threaten their control.

They don’t care about tax hikes. Those always get passed on to the consumer, and they know it.

They care about policies that could increase competition, encourage innovation and educate the masses about the true American Dream. Those are deadly to bloated corporations, and they do not want leadership that would remove the regulations that prevent other companies from competing against the big boys.

I believe the phrase Barack Obama used was “too big to fail.” 

These companies have lobbyists constantly working members of Congress to protect themselves at the cost of hard-working Americans, and they use a biased media to skew the reporting toward socialism.

They don’t mind China because they are exploiting the slave labor inside China rather than paying Americans a decent wage.

Denouncing election rules and cheering on China is all the proof we need that big business liberals are running the show.

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L&T Publisher Earl Watt


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