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May 09th, 2021
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When I was 10, I was playing baseball – not just at corner sandlots – but on an organized little league team. I still have a photo of myself and other teammates, 9- and 10-year-olds – and some of those players are still friends of mine to this day; 60 years later.

I have always loved the game and enjoyed watching it on television. I’ve had several teams – such as the Astros, where I went to many of their games in the original AstroDome when I lived in Houston.

I also spent many years in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and followed the Rangers. I liked bragging that I played football in high school against their American League Rookie of the Year, Mike Hargrove, from Perryton, Texas.

I last saw Hargrove here in Liberal, not at a Bee Jay game where he was the head coach for a couple of years after retiring from professional baseball, but later at Bob Carlile’s funeral at the Seward County Activity Center. 

I didn’t get to speak to Mike, as it was a solemn and difficult time for all who loved Bob.

I now have that same feeling of loss as professional baseball is now dead to me, as well as millions of others in this country. Left-wing progressive politics have destroyed yet another American pro sport.

Major League Baseball Commissioner Robert D. Manfred Jr. decided to throw baseball’s last pitch and succumb to mob rule of “woke” socialist communists. He not only bit the hook of lies, he swallowed it with the line and sinker.

He also abetted the falsehoods by lying to the American people on why he moved the league’s All Star Game out of Atlanta. He never read the law he attacked like the parrot he is.

Ironically, one of the biggest slingers of BS about Georgia’s election security law was Black activist Stacey Abrams, who urged everyone to punish Georgia. 

Never realizing her actions have consequences, she in turn begged Manfred not to move the game.

A day late and a dollar short, because Manfred and Abrams have severely damaged the minority businesses in Atlanta, and I pray those people never forget what that delusional woman, as well as Manfred and “woke” others, have done to them.

I know I won’t forgive them. 


Merriam-Webster’s definition of pastime is: “something that amuses and serves to make time pass agreeably:” 

It also notes: “Baseball has been a national pastime for many years.”

I wonder if Merriam-Webster will still use that term 100 years from now? Or if America will even exist 100 years from now.

I feel like writing a book: “Predicting America’s Doomed Future,” written by a hillbilly savant who can see the future by simply studying the globe’s history of countless failures of communist movements.

Pro baseball is just one of the latest American traditions to be killed. 

This insanity all started when Colin Kaepernick decided to ruin professional football for me. Charitable left-wing media describes Kaepernick as an American civil rights activist. 

That’s baloney. He’s nothing more than a fascist anarchist that hates our flag, this country and wants its destruction so he and other anarchists can rebuild it into their sickening socialist dream.

I’ve quit watching pro football altogether – with exception of most Chiefs games, simply because I’ve never seen any quarterback with the talent of Patrick Mahomes in my lifetime. And I watched Johnny Unitas, Bart Starr and Joe Namath when they played on black and white TVs 50 to 60-plus years ago.

Come to find out, communists are cutting deals with the NFL.

“Also, the financial rewards of further establishing an (NFL) foothold in China could be great,” according to an Oct. 9, 2019, report by Matt Bonestee at, entitled “Roger Goodell called China an NFL ‘priority market.’

“The NFL’s digital streaming deal with Tencent, one of China’s largest Internet companies that airs four regular-season games per week, the playoffs and the Super Bowl, ends after this (2019) season, and while any new deal probably won’t be as lucrative as the reported five-year, $500 million deal the NBA signed with Tencent this past offseason, it still could be quite beneficial to the league,” Bonestee added.

Then the National Basketball Association and another homegrown fascist, LeBron James, burst onto the same platform of anti-America crap.

The league will have to change its name in the near future as, according to CNN (That’s the Communist National Network) the NBA collected 10 percent of its overall 2020 revenue from its deals with Communist China. And it’s predicted to earn 20 percent this year. 

Do the math – it won’t be long until China owns 51 percent of the league. Zài jiàn. (good bye NBA).

At first it was the league allowing basketball courts to have Black Lives Matter all over the floors. Imagine if one was to paint, Long Live Hitler all over their courts?

It’s the same with BLM. 

BLM is as anti-America as you can get. It was founded by devout communists and Marxism tenants – Marxism on steroids.

What took the NBA over the cliff for me had to be when Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey tweeted out his support for protesters in Hong Kong. You would’ve thought he had dropped a nuclear bomb on China.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver at first issued statements supporting the right of NBA players and executives to speak freely on human rights.

That upset the Chinese who announced they would not televise any of the NBA preseason games being played in China that week.

The flipping and flopping then began in earnest. 

In the resulting backlash, the NBA and Morey both apologized for daring to criticize China’s fascist regime. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson said it best on his show. 

“And then LeBron James weighed in and explained to us that, actually, freedom of speech in America is vastly overrated.”

Carlson played a clip of James telling people to be “careful” in what they tweet, say, and do because “a lot of negative” comes with freedom of speech.

The poor, whining billionaire LeBron, who is soooo oppressed living in this White supremacist nation can stick it (in your hoops), if you ask me.

So, not much professional sports on my menu anymore. It’s all college sports, if they can keep all the left-wing garbage limited to television’s blatant brainwashing commercials.

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