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May 09th, 2021
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larry phillipsGUEST COLUMN, Larry Phillips


I remember hearing a short clip on TV where former Obama Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson was being interviewed on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” saying something about White American’s were a “principal threat to our very democracy.”

I quickly found an unbiased article posted April 15 by Pam Key at

Here are Johnson’s exact words after claiming threats to our very democracy were Climate change (first), COVID-19 (second) and in “the mid-term is what we saw vividly on January 6.” 

His words, not mine. 

He continued by claiming a college study proves: “… of those who launched the attack on our Capitol on Jan. 6, and it’s frightening. They tend to be college-educated.

“They came from blue states as well as red states,” he continued. “They are all afraid of displacement. The baseless fear over the increasing diversity of our nation.”

My jaw was dropping while my blood started boiling, and then he drove any credibility he had – or ever had – right off the cliff of insanity.

“What the study points out, that was the tip of the iceberg. … In my judgment, that’s a principal threat to our very democracy and represents a national security threat.”

What vile garbage. He owes all Americans an apology. What a disgusting lie.

But not to be outdone when it comes to using misinformation and untruths, our vice president and president unloaded on a majority of the nation when reacting to the Derek Chauvin conviction.

“It was a murder in the full light of day, and it ripped the blinders off for the whole world to see the systemic racism the vice president just referred to,” said President Joe O’Biden, which was posted April 20 at “… the systemic racism that is a stain (on) our nation’s soul; the knee on the neck of justice for Black Americans; the profound fear and trauma, the pain, the exhaustion that Black and brown Americans experience every single day.”

Again the vomit meter needle went off the scale.

To hear those words out of the mouth of an American president is unprecedented in our nation’s history.

I was at first heartbroken; feeling like someone close and dear and mightily loved had just died – my country.

Then I became upset, angry and very glad that the cognitive impaired, inept failure of a human being – and especially as a president – wasn’t standing right there in front of me within arm’s reach.

This continuous 24-7 assault on more than half the country (even many who voted for O’Biden don’t agree with his radical left-wing agenda) that there is “systemic racism” in our nation is getting very tiresome. And slamming America to the rest of the world?

Despicable and shameful, Joe.

Polls – and the House and Senate races in 2022 – will show this obnoxious drumbeat against America by the Harris–O’Biden Administration is a loser.

Have you seen how radical socialists turn everything upside down – no matter the issue? 

“We’re not packing the court – we’re unpacking it” when they want to add four more Supreme Court Justices?

How about this one: “Whites are inherently racists. They can’t help it – it’s in their DNA. There’s nothing they can do about it.” (Except maybe by communist-styled gulags called re-education camps).

That “inherently” false claim has been pushed by most every Black leader and numerous U.S. legislators – even though I don’t believe a majority of Blacks push that garbage.

I say let’s turn this upside down, and nobody can prove this is wrong: “Blacks are inherently racists because they have hated light-skinned people from five centuries before Christ was even born.” 

Archeologists have found painted vases near the mouth of the Nile River circa 450 to 500 BC of slaves taking care of early Egyptians’ children.

The slaves were taken from the upper reaches of the Nile by the early Egyptians in north Africa. I would presume they hated their pale-skinned owners, and scholars believe slavery started even before that.

By the 1400s, the dynasties of the Portuguese, the Dutch, and the Spaniards began competing for slaves by buying them from Black tribes who raided villages and sold the men and women to slavers. Those ship captains rarely ever even got off their ships to consummate their purchases of Blacks being sold by Blacks.

The British got involved fairly late to slave trading and even then sold more Blacks to Caribbean chiefs and all over South America and their colonies worldwide than in America.

Whether it’s been “involuntary servitude,” “indebtedness,” “hiring” or outright being “owned,” I say Blacks have had an inherent and instilled hatred of Whites for 3 millenia – 30 centuries – 3,000 years, if not more. It’s gotta be in their DNA, right? Generation after generation teaching their children to “hate?”

That is as accurate as it is with ‘Whites.” Right? 

The colonists who founded the United States of America didn’t hate slaves, and our founding documents prove it – individual equality for all. And the Constitution offered ways to make wrongs be righted through Amendments. And it has improved that dream of  individual equality for all like no other country on earth.

I say why don’t we have a “White History Month?” or maybe a “White Caucus” in the House of Representatives? or “White Entertainment Television (WET)”?

Makes perfect sense, just like the Black leaders and politicians pushing this other garbage. Right?

Both are senseless, and they don’t exist unless we believe the false claims. And that gives power to those making the false claims of systemic racism and racial hatred.

If Black leaders, politicians and White elite socialists continue to accuse Whites of uncontrollable, systemic racism and hatred toward Blacks, what is the end game?

That’s the question none of the communist media will ask. It’s up to “we the people” to ask these doomsday preachers, race baiters and poverty pimps – Why? What’s the goal and stick that “equity and equality” crap under your hat.

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