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August 15th, 2022
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earl wattL&T Publisher Earl Watt


The Republican Party is currently having the wrong argument, and it just might get in the way of the silver platter they are being handed by Democrats for the midterm election.

In a push to get the far-left agenda passed, Democrats are alienating the moderate voters in droves. When Joe Biden was elected to be a calming voice after the disruptor Donald Trump, many are realizing they may have made a mistake.

When Trump became president, they expected him to shake up the Washington establishment, but what most didn’t realize was just how much pushback he was going to receive from the ruling class.

It wasn’t enough that an outsider was simply elected, and that was what America wanted in 2016. Trump didn’t know all the political ins and outs and was tripped up by the media and the ruling class with simple things like a phone call to congratulate new leadership in Ukraine.

The reason is Trump was not just an outsider but he was serious about reigning in government and returning power to the people.

The pandemic was another example where Trump was not going to let Washington dictate the moves of every state. He allowed the 50 governors and state legislatures to direct the necessary recovery in each state, and even to this day the far left claims Trump tried to govern as a dictator.

There is just no justification or evidence to support that claim, but anything that does not advocate more government is a danger to the far left, and so they use mainstream media, biased social media and every branch of the government they control to push this false narrative to discredit the efforts being made to return power to the people.

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As long as they can discredit Trump, they can control the entire Republican Party.

Protecting elections, for example, isn’t being done to return credibility to the election process, so the far left says, it is being done to support Trump’s wild accusations of a stolen election.

Forget the fact the Trump advocated for and created Operation Warp Speed to create a vaccine in record time. Just a few weeks before the election, Kamala Harris said she would never take the vaccine because Trump created it and therefore it must be faulty.

After the election, she was one of the first to receive a dose along with hundreds of millions of Americans who have been vaccinated, but she and President Joe Biden take credit for the vaccine and the distribution of it.

During Biden’s address tot he nation, he gave no credit to Trump or to Trump’s team for creating the vaccine.

The Democrats have defied logic by blaming anything and everything on Trump, and it is not to simply discredit the single man. There are two other benefits.

First, anyone who thinks about running for president as an outsider will face the same backlash Trump did. Trump went from being on Jimmy Kimmel to being banned from any mainstream media. Melania Trump was treated horribly and ignored despite her history in fashion.

Anyone will be Trumped if they even attempt to challenge the ruling class.

The second benefit for the Democrats is to sideline 74 million voters who supported Trump.

These voters have been marginalized and completely locked out of the process of government, the very thing they said was the problem with government.

But when the Democrats attack the one man who received the votes, they intimidate and suppress these voters. They want anyone who voted for Trump to be charged as criminals of the state, as people who supported a dictator and discredited the voting process.

The far left is pushing an agenda that includes trying to get statehood for less than 1 million people who live around Washington, D.C., it’s about outlawing voter identification, and its about spending trillions on pet projects in left states where population is declining and heading to conservative states.

But the population won’t be watching these efforts to permanently seize control of government as long as the Democrats can keep Republicans divided over Trump.

It was never about Trump. It isn’t now, it wasn’t then.

It was about the ideas Trump brought to politics that will become a part of the permanent landscape. 

Who made trade with China an issue before Trump? What about funding the defense of Europe and Asian nations?

Who said policies that cost American jobs won’t be tolerated and reversed the damaged of NAFTA?

Who put American workers first?

Who kept America out of any military conflicts for four years and was enhancing peace with North Korea?

Who pointed out the problems of currency manipulation and saw American prosperity until a pandemic ended the run?

The policies were the right policies, and Trump was simply the spokesman for the right policies.

The stage was full of Republicans at the start of the primary season in 2016, but the people supported Trump’s policies.

In March of 2016, Trump said, “I am just the messenger,” when he referred to the anger Americans felt for being neglected.

Before, the left tried to hide their hatred by claiming to give a voice to the people when they in fact simply want to be the ruling class. But now, they have turned their backs on 74 million Americans and more with policies designed to divide America into camps rather than rally us together.

As long as Republicans allow the Democratic division, they will surely

 lose traction. Trump’s message was the right message, and Republicans need to continue to move it forward.