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September 27th, 2021
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EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the second part of a two-part series.


In Part 1 of this series, the hard work of Judicial Watch, a conservative, non-profit dedicated to ensuring “public officials do not abuse the powers entrusted to them by the American people,” obtained 544 documents through an open records request from the California Secretary of State’s Office. 

These documents prove government officials colluded behind the scenes with Big Tech prior to and after the 2020 national elections. The collusion involved constant contacts between Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube to remove posts that government officials disliked – entirely against conservative thoughts, ideas, statements and videos.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton discovered through the documents obtained how the California Secretary of State’s Office, then-headed by Alex Padilla, abused its powers and tried to crush Fitton and JW by “tagging” and “deleting” a video Fitton had posted “concerning the vote by mail and a JW lawsuit settlement about California voter roll cleanup,” according to a report by Fitton in the most recent JW newsletter, “Verdict.”

As I investigated many of the names of people identified in the JW article, there seems to be a deep well of corruption and conflicts of interest of the parties involved.

For instance, Padilla’s office was getting advice from an outside political consultant firm called SKDK, formerly called SKDKnickerbocker, with offices in New York City, Washington D.C., Albany, NY and Los Angeles.

SKDK, at the time, listed its top client as the Joe O’Biden Campaign for President.

Ironically, this is the firm Padilla gave a behind-the-scenes and without open bidding, a $35 million contract – which by the way, became “official” in early September 2020. This became quite a scandal at the time.

Fitton discovered in his documents SKDK conducted “misinformation briefings” to numerous officials from Padilla’s office.

In the video Fitton posted, he discussed how JW won its case against California’s failure to clean its voter rolls and how a Michigan court “changed the rules” on ballot deadlines and ballot harvesting.

On Sept. 11, 2020, then-consultant Zeke Sandoval, of the SKDK firm, provided officials in Padilla’s office a “Misinformation Daily Briefing” targetting Fitton and JW.

Then on Sept. 24, 2020, those same “state officials contacted YouTube directly requesting removal of the video,” Fitton reported. “YouTube (responded) by deleting the video Set. 27, 2020.”

One of the state officials consistently interacting with SKDK was Jenna Dresner, the Public Information Officer for the Office of Election Cybersecurity (OEC) within Padilla’s office and under his ultimate supervision.

Coincidently, Dresner and SKDK consultant Sandoval were both alumni of the ultra-liberal, post graduate Sol Price School of Public Policy located within the University of Southern California.

She’s working for the State of California and he’s deeply involved at SKDK (which was working as a major consultant to O’Biden’s campaign) and producing “Misinformation Briefings” to Dresner – after Padilla’s office had just inked a $35-million contract with SKDK – to help get out the vote?

Does this pass the smell test?

It’s obvious to me this contract was used to help Padilla get appointed to Kamala Harris’ Senate seat, which he got, and aided China-Joe O’Biden in getting  elected.

That’s the why, but censorship of conservatives was the how. It happened because of collusion between the state, SKDK and Big Tech. PS: Padilla has established some of the most unsecure voting laws in the history of California.

Dresner and Padilla’s office developed direct contacts – with SKDK’s assistance – at all the Big Tech offices, which resulted in tagging, blocking and deleting posts. 

One deleted post identified by Fitton from direct emails JW obtained occurred within 1 hour and 10 minutes after Dresner requested action from Facebook.

Dresner’s main contact at Facebook was Cristina Flores, also identified in emails from Padilla’s office.

FYI: I discovered Flores is listed as the associate manager of Facebook’s Politics and Government Outreach team, and she has previously worked in the federal government for 6 years, including working in the Obama/O’Biden White House. 

Another cozy nest of corrupt socialists at every turn.

To aid wannabe censors, the emails JW obtained show a nationwide effort was assisted by Maria Benson, who was then-director of communications for the “National Association of Secretaries of State.”

For those who are unaware, elections are handled by each state’s office of “Secretary of State.” Well, documents show Benson was emailing all the communications directors of Secretary of State Offices in all 50 states, I presume, excited that Twitter had confirmed it streamlined its process for “government officials to report misinformation.” I guess it’s a separate number than what we deplorables have to use?

“Great news – Twitter is now on-boarding states into their mis/disinformation partner support portal! Once on-boarded, you will be able to directly report mis/disinformation instead of having to submit it to me first …,” Benson wrote. (bold emphasis in original email), according to Fitton’s report.

What bothers me most in that email is she leaks it out that she had been the middleman, so to speak, in coordinating earlier contacts between government officials and Big Tech in asking for censorship on their platforms. 

The “instead of having to submit it to me first” is obvious.

She must have been a very busy gal and thusly emailed everybody with additional direct contact info for Facebook and Google, too.

“If any of the items you report do not get prompt attention, please let me know, and I can reach out to the companies,” Benson smugly added in her email.

It’s unspeakable an official of a national organization is aiding government officials in every state on how to contact Big Tech directly or through a ‘speedy support portal’ for those who desire to censor conservatives.

And unbelievably, Jen “Little Red Lying-Hood” Psaki proudly admitted last week “out loud” the Harris/O’Biden White House is coordinating with Big Tech in identifying mis-information – if “they?” think it might kill somebody?

What kind of unholy, unconstitutional garbage is that?

Wake up, rise up and push back America. If not, it might come to be we’ll be wanting to swim to Cuba to escape.

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