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December 07th, 2021
L&T Opinions Page

LETTER TO THE EDITOR, Starley Craig, Liberal


I understand the School Board, who apparently cant’ say “no” to virtually  anything, has ok’d a trip to Green Bay, Wis., for the administration of the high school and the superintendent, Todd Carter, to “consult with the high school there on the next step in the flex module to be implemented” at LHS. 

They have already started the program (I’m so surprised) but cannot get the second phase without a lovely trip to a lovely state. The cost is relatively small, considering the normal gift of the school board is thousands upon thousands of your tax dollars — only about four grand.

Would you like a $4,000 vacation, paid for by someone else, given by yet another someone else? You bet. 

The program is to help our staff divide up the school day into blocks of time.

Does the technology USD No. 480 already owns not work any more? I suggest a virtual meeting with really top-of-the-line coffee and rolls.

This is absurd.

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