Good Luck

May 28th, 2022

Special to the Leader & Times


Coming into Hays, Liberal was looking at getting ready for WAC in February. 

“We have been tweaking and changing what the boys are swimming and the relays we are mixing up,” Liberal assistant coach Ismael Carrillo said. “We had a few PRs but what really showed up is the boys stepping up and trying new events to try to help the team.” 


Boys 200 Yard Medley Relay

4th: Edgar Cortez, Jackson Riley, Isaac Dominguez, Hudson Brown

7th: Danny Pavia, Yared Romo, Malachi Martinez, Daniel Amparan


Boys 200 Yard Freestyle

10th: Chance Martin

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Boys 200 IM

7th: Edgar Cortez

8th: Malachi Martinez

10th Enrique Morales


Boys 50 Freestyle

7th: Isaac Dominguez

11th: Jackson Riley

12th: Daniel Amparan

18th: Bartolo Rodriguez

20th: Alan Flores

21st: Alejandro Gutierrez

22nd: Sebastian Nguyen

23rd: Daniel Nguyen

24th: Saul Ortega

26th: Javy Nava

27th: Olman Garcia


Boys 100 Butterfly

6th: Yared Romo

10th: Malachi Martinez


Boys 100 Freestyle

7th: Hudson Brown

12th: Bartolo Rodriguez

16th Olman Garcia


Boys 500 Freestyle

5th Isaac Dominguez

7th Jackson Riley


Boys 200 Freestyle Relay

5th Daniel Amparan, Danny Pavia, Yared Romo, Hudson Brown

9th Bartolo Rodriguez, Daniel Nguyen, Chance Martin, Malachi Martinez

11th Alan Flores, Javy Nava, Sebastian Nguyen, Alejandro Pando


Boys 100 Backstroke

7th Danny Pavia

8th Edgar Cortez

9th Enrique Morales

12th Alejandro Gutierrez

13th Alejandro Pando

14th Saul Ortega


Boys 100 Breaststroke

5th Yared Romo

11th Chance Martin


Boys 400 Freestyle Relay

5th Daniel Amparan, Hudson Brown, Edgar Cortez, Isaac Dominguez

6th Jackson Riley, Enrique Morales, Danny Pavia, Bartolo Rodriguez

10th Alejandro Gutierrez, Daniel Nguyen, Saul Ortega, Alejandro Pando



1. Junction City, 495

2. Garden City, 404 

3. Liberal, 355

4. Dodge City, 350

5. Hays, 332