Good Luck

May 28th, 2023

apache logoSpecial to the Leader & Times


The competition was fierce Sept. 9 for the Seymour Rogers cross country team since they were missing six of their teammates; however, with diminished numbers they persevered. 

The seventh boys and girls ran together in one race of 2 miles.  The Apache seventh ladies had practiced a 2 mile course before so they were ready.  The event was not scored for middle school teams nor individuals.  The seventh race had a field of 44 girls and 74 boys. 

The Apache seventh ladies times were as follows: Yaretzi Escobar medaled at 14th with a time of 17:26, followed by Danna Ortega in 16th with a time of 17:53, Dianiley Vega 19:48, Yazmin Enriquez 19:56, Bailey Castro 20:11, Bella Patel 20:53, Yaretzi Rosas 21:35, Joceline Rosales 21:38, and Amy Medina at 27:54.

The Apache seventh boys times were as follows: Juan Ledesma Ayon with a 16:53 in the 2 mile course and Elian Escobar Humaran at 22:05.

The eighth grade Apaches had a 2 mile course and ran boys and girls together. The ladies had a field of 38 and the boys had a total 59 runners.

At the sound of the gun, the Apache runners knew that the top 15 would medal, so they did not delay as they tore up the course.

Evelin Tarango Duque turned in an impressive 16: 27 and was not going to be denied a medal.  The Apache ladies in queue were as follows:Grace Diazdeleon in 19th at 17:18, Jessica Diazdeleon 18:45, Yvanna Rivera 18:50, Alea Diaz 19:58, and Jacqueline Hager 31:06. 

The Apache 8th boys fielded 5 for a team score but the race was not scored.  The boys battled the competition today in this order:

Jose Escobar placed 22nd with a time of 13:42,  Cain Ortiz in 36th with 14:47, Marco Rivas 15:01, Brandon Ailon 15:51, and Benjamyn Brockett with 16:08. 

The SRMS Apaches battled the stiffest competition yet and still gave it their best. For all 7th graders this was their PR because it was their first 2 mile official race and will do a 2 mile course in Ulysses on Sept. 20th.  As for the 8th graders, ALL Apache ladies turned in Personal Record today.  The boys that PRed today were Brandon Ailon Velasquez, Marco Rivas,and Cain Ortiz.