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December 09th, 2022

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The Lady Warriors seventh grad A team took on Great Bend and Hays Saturday. In the first game the Lady Warriors came out and put the pressure on all game against the Lady Panthers and came away with a 37-10 victory. Maliyah Mullens recorded her third double double on the season with 11 points and 11 rebounds. Miah Janko also scored 11 points.

In the second game the Lady Warriors took on the Lady Falcons of Hays. The Lady Warriors were within striking distance at halftime time with the score being 26-22 Hays. 

However in the third quarter the Lady Warriors were outscored by Hays 19-6 and couldn’t recover after that. The Lady Warriors ended up losing by a score of 51-36. 

Leading scorers in the game were Janko and Mullens both with 12 points and leading rebounder was Mullens with 12 rebounds recording her fourth double double on the season. 

The Eisenhower Lady Warrior 7th Grade B team  continued to roll through the season sweeping both Hays and Great Bend Saturday at Cottonwood Elementary. 

The Lady Warriors opened the day against the Falcons jumping out to a 10-0 lead at the end of the first quarter. The Warriors continued to put pressure on Hays taking a 16-3 lead into the half. The Lady Warriors dug in and held the Falcons scoreless the rest of the way for a 28-3 win. 

Ashley Batista and Jesslyn Heredia each had eight points while Valeria Gandera and Yuridia Gonzalez each added four. Heredia and Gonzalez combined for 21 rebounds while Gandera and Batista combined for 18 steals. 

The second match-up against Great Bend saw the Lady Warriors quickly start out scoring 10 points in the first three minutes of the game. Another strong quarter had the Lady Warriors build a 22-8 halftime advantage. The Lady Warriors were then able to drop back into prevent mode and cruise to a 30-12 victory. 

Leading the way in the second match up was Gonzlaez with 10, Heredia and Gandera each scored six, Batista had four while Julissa Moreno and Zoe Still each added two. Top rebounder was Heredia with 14.  The Lady Warriors also recorded a team-high seven assists and seven blocked shots. 

“I’m impressed with how these girls come to play every game,” coach James Babinec said.  “They get off to quick starts and their speed creates many opportunities. It’s great to see my players come off the bench and contribute whether it be rebounding or creating turnovers.  Even nine games into the season, we still have some basic fundamentals to improve on. I’m looking forward to how these ladies respond the rest of the season.”

The Warriors played Kenneth Henderson Monday at Eisenhower before heading into the Thanksgiving break. 

The eighth grade Lady Warriors also faced Hays and Great Bend. 

The B team first faced off against Hays Saturday morning and played better as a team but struggled offensively. They fell to Hays 31-5. 

Leading in scoring was Evelyn Gonzalez with three points, and Ashley Romero and Yuridia Rayas each scored one. 

Against Great Bend Lady Warriors played their best game of the season but fell to Great Bend 25-12. Leading in scoring was Lorena Meza with 10 points, and Mora and Evelyn Gonzalez each had one. 

The eighth grade A team started out Saturday morning facing Hays. The Lady Warriors held Hays defensively the first half but Hays amped up their three-point shooting and defeated Lady Warriors 35-15. 

Leading in scoring was Trinity Olvera with 13 points and Shiaa Dunlap with two points. 

The Lady Warriors then faced an aggressive Great Bend team and struggled offensively and fell to Great Bend 35-10. 

Leading in scoring was Trinity Olvera with sic points, and Liliana Santiago and Rebecca Davis with each had two. 

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