December 10th, 2023

L&T staff report


Dee Dee Luebbers navigated through one of the most upset-ridden national tournaments to  turn in the top bracket heading into the Sweet 16. 

No bracket was perfect. Surprise, surprise when a No. 16 beats a No. 1 for only the second time in history.

Luebbers aced the Final Four of the Midwest Region and got three out of four in the West Region. She also had K-State making it to the Sweet 16 and turned in a total score of 121 points through the first two rounds.

Gary Dearing No. 2 is close behind with 119 points. He also had strong showings in the Midwest and West regions.

Gary Dearing No. 1 sits in third with 117 points. That bracket will have some challenges, though since Dearing took Purdue all the way, and they were the second No. 1 seed in history to lose in the first round.

Carol Dearing No. 1 and Andy Stewart are tied for fourth with 114 points each.

Robert Thompson sits in sixth place with 112 points, and Richard Berg and Ralph Salas are currently tied for eighth with 110 points. But Berg and Salas have Houston going all the way, which could be a game changer.

Rex Petty rounds out the top 10 with 109 points and has Gonzaga going all the way. It’s still anybody’s game.