Good Luck

May 28th, 2023

lhs redskinSpecial to the Leader & Times


The Lady Red Swim Team finished the regular season at Newton. 

“Even with a short week, the team continue to improve and achieve new personal records,” Liberal coach Ismael Carrillo said. 


200 Medley Relay 

15th - Liberal A, Taylyn Garcia, Vania Singer, Sasha Ricks, Grace McIntire


200 Freestyle

18th - Hady Martinez 

200 Individual Medley

10th - Ava Maxwell (PR)

15th - Sasha Ricks


50 freestyle 

27th - Taylyn Garcia (PR)

29th - Tekodah Garcia (PR)

30th - Vania Singer 

31st - Grace McIntire 

60th - Bryanna Loya

65th - Jacky Vargas

66th - Elizabeth Dominguez (PR)

67th - Karime Ojeda

68th - Nathalie DonJuan

71st - Elizabeth Aguilar


100 Butterfly 

8th - Sasha Ricks (PR)


100 Freestyle 

28th - Hady Martinez (PR)

30th - Bryanna Loya (PR)

32nd - Ana Batz (PR)


200 Freestyle Relay

17th - Liberal A, Ava Maxwell, Grace McIntire, Tekodah Garcia, Taylyn Garcia

19th Liberal B, Hady Martinez, Ana Batz, Jacky Vargas, Vania Singer


100 Backstroke 

21st - Elizabeth Domínguez 

22nd - Nathalie DonJuan

24th - Elizabeth Aguilar 


100 Breaststroke 

18th - Ava Maxwell (PR)

24th - Karime Ojeda


400 Freestyle Relay

14th - Liberal A, Taylyn García, Grace McIntire, Sasha Ricks, Ava Maxwell

18th - Liberal B, Vania Singer, Jacky Vargas, Ana Batz, Bryanna Loya


Liberal finished ninth with 33.5 points. 

The team travels to Hays Thursday to complete in the WAC Meet.