December 10th, 2023

lhs redskinSpecial to the Leader & Times


The Lady Red travel to Hays for the WAC championship meet. All 5 schools were well represented. 


200 Medley Relay

6th - Liberal B, Taylyn Garcia, Vania Singer, Sade Braimah, Bryanna Loya


200 Freestyle 

12th - Jazlyn Alaniz; 13th - Jacky Vargas; 14th - Nathalie DonJuan 


200 Individual Medley 

9th - Hazel Gandara; 11th - Sasha Ricks

50 freestyle 

8th - Ava Maxwell; 12th - Vania Singer; 13th - Grace McIntire; 14th - Jazlyn Alaniz; 15th - Jaden Michael 


100 Butterfly 

6th - Sasha Ricks; 10th - Hady Martinez; 12th - Jacky Vargas


100 Freestyle 

11th - Taylyn Garcia; 12th - Sade Braimah; 14th - Bryanna Loya


500 freestyle 

7th - Ava Maxwell; 11th Hady Martinez; 12th - Nathalie DonJuan


200 Freestyle Relay

9th - Liberal A, Bryanna Loya, Jazlyn Alaniz, Vania Singer, Sade Braimah 

11th - Liberal B, Ana Batz, Jacky Vargas, Jaden Michael, Grace McIntire

13th - Liberal C, Lizbet Hernandez, Nathalie DonJuan, Elizabeth Aguilar, Elizabeth Dominguez 


100 Backstroke

8th - Taylyn Garcia; 12th - Bryanna Loya; 14th - Elizabeth Domínguez; 19th - Elizabeth Aguilar 


100 Breaststroke 

8th - Hazel Gandara; 11th - Vania Singer; 14th - Lizbet Hernandez 


400 Freestyle Relay

6th - Liberal A, Taylyn Garcia, Hazel Gandara, Sasha Ricks, Ava Maxwell

11th - Hady Martinez, Grace McIntire, Sade Braimah, Jazlyn Alaniz


With the effort of everyone on the team, the Lady Red swim team took fourth at the meet. 

“It was an amazing season, with much growth and incredible leadership from the departing seniors,” Liberal coach Ismael Carrillo said.