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October 30th, 2020

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Saturday, the MSWAC cross country meet took place at the Garden City High School sports complex. The Seymour Rogers Apaches continued to represent Liberal well. According to coach Riggs, theAPaches showed  grit, speed and teamwork.

The morning was very chilly and wet at 48 degrees and the course proved to be very flat. As the morning progressed, so did the competition and the temperature to 85 degrees.

The flat course allowed for six personal records out of nine Apaches.  Seymour Rogers accumulated three medals out of nine runners.

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7th grade girls

Alexa Macias started the season 1 mile time at 14:40 and ran a 11:29 PR at Garden City. She had a marvelous finish for the last 150 meters with a “Let’s do this” to earn her PR.

7th grade boys

Joshua Talley ran a 9:22 mile for a PR. He started the season with a mile time of 14:41. Zahir Ortiz did not PR at this meet, however, he did medal again. Zahir placed seventh at 6:36.  

8th grade girls

The two eighth grade girls were fighting injuries and the competition all season long. Both Ariana Cerda and Emma Maltbie had season PRs at the cross country meet on Saturday.  Cerda ran a time of 15:44 and Maltbie ran a time of 14:49 in the two-mile course.  Maltbie medaled in 10th place fighting the competition all the way and sliding across the finish line a split second faster to earn the medal.

Cerda pushed through the course with an injury placing 16th.

8th grade boys

The field was lined with 34 runners and SRMS had four fielding the course. Two of our runners PRed and one medaled. Alex Koerner turned in a two-mile time of 15:09 and Erik Valenzuela turned in a two-mile time of 14:57 and was a season PR.

Arnold Sanchez ran 13:30 and finished in 15th place. Enrique Morales continued to shine with a course time of 12:47 and medaled in ninth place.  

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