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September 27th, 2021

seyour rogers cross countrySeyour Rogers Apache runners take a moment to wave at the camera before running at Arkalon Park Tuesday. Courtesy photoSpecial to the Leader & Times


It was a hot 95-degree, fly-biting day Tuesday, yet, it was a great day to be an Apache.

Seymour Rogers Middle School fielded 12 qualified of 17 runners. 

 The seventh grade ladies ran one mile at the grueling Arkalon course. Yvanna Rivera took 15th place in 9:50.8 minutes, Alea Diaz finished 20th with a time of 11:45.2 followed closely by Jessica Pando in 21st with a time of 11:45.3.

The seventh grade boys ran exceptionally well for a first-time showing and placed fourth. Jose Escobar led the pack in 12th place, narrowly missing a medal. Escobar ran 1 mile in 7:04.1. Next was Ruben Martinez in 23rd place at 8:05.2, Marco Rivas 26th witha t ime of 8:19.8, Ben Brockett in 28th with a time of 8:29.0, and Ayden Beyna finished 35th in 10:33.0.

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The eighth grade girls only fielded two girls this race and are hoping for more to qualify next week. Gennesis Leyva led the way with 18th place at 20:14.5 in a two-mile course.  Blanca Nieves ran 27:44.0 for a 25th place finish.

The eighth grade boys earned a medal when Zahir Ortitz placed ninth with a time of 14:08.6 thus securing a medal for Seymour Rogers. Joshua Talley placed 25th with a time of 19:24.7.

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