These customers browse through deals as part of the 2022 Bazaar Days. This year’s Bazaar Days event is set for July 26 and 27, with many stores already signed up to participate, according to Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Rozelle Webb. L&T file photo/Elly Grimm


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An early Christmas is coming later this month thanks to the Liberal Chamber of Commerce and local business partners.

The 2024 Bazaar Days will take place Friday, July 26 (with stores opening at 7 a.m.) and Saturday, July 27, with the stores operating during their regular hours. Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Rozelle Webb said planning is well underway for this year’s event.

“We are asking any business in the community that would like to participate in this year's Bazaar Days to call the Chamber of Commerce office at (620) 624-3855 and let us know they want to do so,” Webb said. “We're wanting to have a list of all the participating businesses so we have those lists at the participating stores and customers can have a shopping list, so to speak, of where to go that weekend. If you're a retail business, you can participate, and we'd also like the businesses to put their merchandise out in front of the store so people will know you're participating and come in and shop. Restaurants are also welcome to offer specials for Bazaar Days so shoppers can have something special to eat those two days. I'm excited to see people come to Liberal from out of town and help our merchants sell some of their wares they're wanting to move out of their store – a lot of places are already preparing for the next season's collection(s), so this is a great time for them to do that.”

Webb said she hopes many businesses will participate in this year’s Bazaar Days fun.

“It's a great opportunity to have more people come into your business, and if there are certain items you're looking to put on sale, Bazaar Days is a great opportunity to do that,” Webb said. “I know some businesses also order special items just for Bazaar Days, so that's something else people can take advantage of. It's a great weekend to make those sales. I know a lot of businesses enjoy taking part in Bazaar Days, so it's great to be able to have this event with them to help them out and help them draw customers.”

Along with seeing many businesses participate, Webb said she also hopes many people in Liberal and the surrounding communities will also participate.

“We do encourage people from Liberal and the surrounding area to come into town and see what all sales will be going on, because there are a lot of great bargains that happen for Bazaar Days, and it's also just a great time to have some fun shopping,” Webb said. “And like I said earlier, if you're a retail business, we do highly recommend putting some of your merchandise out on the sidewalk or somewhere outside the store so people will see everything better – that's also THE way a lot of people can tell if a business is having a sale going on or not, so it's just a good idea to do that. Also, it just makes the everything look a little more festive and fun having everything out for the community to see. And like I say every year, Bazaar Days is also a great way to introduce yourself to a store you haven't been in before and see what all they have to offer. We advertise in a 100-mile radius, so within the next few weeks, we'll continue spreading the word about this year through the radio, newspaper, social media, our Chamber Web site, and a lot of other different ways, so in my mind, there's no reason for people to not know this will be going on.”

Webb added Bazaar Days is a good time every year for the Chamber of Commerce and the participating businesses.

“It's great to be able to help our local businesses have a bit of a boost over that weekend and have more foot traffic in their stores. I like helping businesses get noticed, this is a great opportunity to do that from the Chamber standpoint. I also do some shopping that weekend, and I always find some great bargains,” Webb said. “Shopping has changed throughout the past few years, and Bazaar Days is a great time for people to visit our local stores and merchants in person to find some great bargains. People are always looking for good bargains, so I think we'll see a lot of people out and about shopping and seeing what deals they can come away with from that weekend. People have been calling the Chamber of Commerce office for the past several weeks asking when we're doing Bazaar Days, because they want to be sure and come. That's happened every year we've hosted Bazaar Days, so that's not really a surprise for us for this time around. We get calls from people in the Oklahoma Panhandle and even all the way in the Texas Panhandle, so it's a pretty wide area people are coming from, and it's great knowing we reach so many people and convince them to come and shop in Liberal. This is one of the few target shopping times throughout the year we invite people, and we're always happy to see the crowds.”

Overall, Webb said, she has high expectations for Bazaar Days 2024.

“Like every year, we just invite everyone to come to Liberal and look for some good bargains at our amazing businesses,” Webb said. “We already have several local businesses signed up to participate for this year, and we expect more in the coming weeks, so people should have a big list of places where they can go shopping.”

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