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July 31st, 2021
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KDHE updates travel restrictions to include Botswana, Cuba, Gibraltar, Isle of Man and Martinique

Special to the Leader & Times


The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) has amended its travel quarantine list to include the countries of the Botswana, Cuba, Gibraltar, Isle of Man and Martinique. The countries of Argentina, Colombia, Kuwait, Mongolia, Namibia, Seychelles and Tunisia have been removed. These changes are effective as of July 29.

• Traveled on or after July 29 to Botswana, Cuba, Gibraltar, Isle of Man or Martinique.

• Traveled on or after July 15 to British Virgin Islands, Cyprus, Fiji, Jersey or The United Kingdom.

• Traveled between July 15 and July 29 to Tunisia.

• Traveled between July 1 – July 29 to Namibia.

• Traveled between June 17 – July 29 to Kuwait or Mongolia.

• Traveled between May 6 – July 29 to Seychelles.


ELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


Data continues to be gathered about COVID-19 and recently, [ ... ]


ELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


The list for a new school year is pretty standard for families [ ... ]


ELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


Work to address gaps in veteran health care in Kansas has gained [ ... ]


ELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


The Seward County Community College Lady Saints softball program [ ... ]


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Bee Jays use shutdown defense to cap Cannons 5-1

bee jays 3 out at secondLiberal’s Cason Gregory waits to tag out a Kansas Cannon attempting to steal Wednesday at Brent Gould Field. The Bee Jays earned a 5-1 win in the first game of the Kansas Collegiate League Championship Series. There were supposed to be three games, but as of press time it was unclear of the Cannons would be playing the final two games. L&T photo/Earl WattEARL WATT • Leader & Times


After dropping two regular season games to the Kansas Cannons in Augusta by one run each, the Bee Jays finally got their shot at home Wednesday in the first game of the Kansas Collegiate League Championship Series, and they defended Brent Gould Field with a 5-1 win.

Tyler Boggs ripped a shot to left field that missed being a home run by about a foot in the second inning, and he advanced from second to third on a pop out to foul territory near first base. The Cannons tried to gun down Boggs at third, but the throw was wild, and Boggs bolted toward home. The Cannons gathered up the ball near the third base fence and threw tot he catcher, but the throw was wide, and Boggs slid safely to give the Bee Jays a 1-0 lead.

Liberal added two more runs in the third.


Bee Jays host Rattlers for friendly exhibition game

Bee Jays sweep Heat, expand league lead over Cannons

Bee Jays force extra inning with late rally, win 11-9

Bee Jays add two more weekend wins entering final two weeks of regular season

Bee Jays lock up division title early, working on league

The Bee Jays tag out a Rattler runner who tried to score on a passed ball Friday at Brent Gould Field. [ ... ]

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Political causes abusing athletics

L&T Publisher Earl Watt


Recently athletes and actors have been making the case for forcing their political views onto the rest of us is because they have the responsibility to use the platform they have been given to do so.

Not only is this a complete disconnect, it has actually alienated many people from their causes that may have otherwise been sympathetic.

First, we have to recognize what created the “platform,” who those people are, and why they formed the “platform.”

Why is it that millions and millions of people watch football games, and how do they have the ability to do so?

The answer of why they watch a football game is simple — to watch a football game. Or baseball. Or the olympics, etc.

The “platform” was built by people watching for the athleticism.

News programs and political shows also have millions and millions of people who watch, read or listen. Those people watch, read or listen to politics because that is what they were seeking.

An athlete was not given a platform to become a news anchor or a political analyst. They were given a platform for an audience who is watching to see their real gifts — their ability to run, jump, throw a pass or hit a ball.

These people can certainly be guests on political talk shows. But what would happen if Rush Limbaugh wanted to broadcast his radio talk show in between the plays of a football game? What if he wanted to share his political views on that “platform?”