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September 27th, 2021
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Although September has been unseasonably warm, Kansas [ ... ]


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Classifications same for Liberal, St. Thomas Aquinas moves to 4A

earl watt4TH & GOAL, Earl Watt


When the new numbers came out for sports classifications Friday morning, nothing changed for the Liberal Redskins.

Liberal will continue to participate in Class 5A in football and Class 6A in everything else.

That number could change in a year or two as some smaller classes make their way through the school system, and it won’t be a surprise if Liberal falls back to Class 5A in all sports soon.

But what was a surprise was seeing powerhouse St. Thomas Aquinas, which is a private school with the ability to recruit student athletes into their program and should be competing at the highest level, will move into Class 4A for football.


Warriors, Apaches fall short against Comanche, Hays

Despite slow start, Redskins crush Lamar 5-1

Tennis plays in McPherson

Lady Redskins take Scott City in 4 sets

Lady Apaches drop pair in Dodge City

Eisenhower Warrior Xavier Tafoya moves the ball against [ ... ]


4TH & GOAL, Earl Watt


When the new numbers [ ... ]


Eisenhower Warrior Xavier Tafoya moves the ball against the Comanche Coyotes Thursday. The Warriors had [ ... ]


Liberal’s Suain Moncayo splits two Lamar defenders Thursday at Redskin Field. The Redskins fell behind [ ... ]

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From personal to local to national, SCCC embodies the U.S. Constitution

SAINTS PERSPECTIVE, Dennis Sander Interim SCCC President


This past week we celebrated Constitution Day, which in turn started Constitution Week in the United States.  While this is an annual event, it doesn’t seem to get its due.   Constitution day is normally observed on September 17, because on Sept. 17, 1787, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed the document that became the cornerstone of the greatest “experiment” in the history of governance in the world.   

The Constitution was a framework created for a set of States with their unique autonomies to be able to act as one when needed to benefit the whole, as defined in its preamble.  The hallowed document was not intended to make the states, the counties, the cities and towns homogeneously and singularly subservient to the federal government.  Had it done so, it would have lost the main ingredient that allowed this republic to evolve into the most enduring beacon of freedom and independence.      

That observation leads me to the point I want to make about the importance of the public trust that Seward County Community College has with the electorate of Seward County.  As national politics clamor with sounds of greater federal influence on its citizens, I believe it is vital that we understand and appreciate our local autonomies, and the power of the local self-determination that we currently possess. As noted in the July 4, 2021 editorial in the Leader-Times, by Dr. Walter Wendler of West Texas A&M University, “as the distance to the seat of government increases, that potential of having cogent, meaningful impact decreases.  Local influence and decision-making empower a free society’s work and worth, and likewise, for a local university.”   Dr. Wendler is obviously referring to the role West Texas A&M plays in the Texas Panhandle, but I would extend the same sentiment to Seward County Community College, as the local college within our region.