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Richard Berg led the Bracketbuster Challenge through the Final Four, but Robert Thompson recovered from a slow start and aced the two finalists and the national champion for a come-from-behind victory.

Berg had 187 points up to the Final Four, but he picked North Carolina and Houston to play for the title.

Several others picked UConn and Purdue, and that allowed them to overcome Berg.

Thompson picked UConn to defeat Purdue and ended with 218 points to win the challenge.

The top 10 finishers were:

1. Robert Thompson 218

2. Paulette Thompson (1) 213

3. Paulette Thompson (2) 207

4. Ralph Salas 200

5. Carol Dearing 199

6. Gary Dearing 193

7. Richard Berg 187

8. Ed Poley 176

9. Brandon Morgan 168

10. Connie Jordan 167


No one aced the bracket, so the $5,000 prize was not awarded. But Thompson wins a $50 gift certificate for earning the most points.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

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